#Enelserendipidity: redesigning interactions at work

Published on Thursday, 29 October 2020

Taking a break with a colleague from the floor below, informal brainstorming over a cup of coffee, chats and exchanges of ideas after a meeting. While agile, remote working is a great resource and, in this particular moment in time also a way to protect ourselves and others, there is a risk. In this case, the risk is that we miss out on all those opportunities for casual, spontaneous socializing that form part of the working day and that often lead to the creation of new ideas through natural interactions, shared points of view and openness to new relationships that fall outside of our closest networks. How can we make up for these “missed opportunities,” recreating in the work context those “happy opportunities” that can open up unexpected possibilities, i.e. “serendipity”?

Is it possible to rethink the dynamics of remote working, inventing new tools for meeting and discussing in a more spontaneous way?

Finding the answers to these questions is the goal of the hackathon “Design for Sustainable Social Interactions" because #enelserendipity is not only a concept but also a tangible commitment to ensuring a work environment that is more inclusive, participatory, gratifying and sustainable.

Involving the new generations in the process of defining experiences and services to imagine new ways of working and creating sustainable social interactions are the key ingredients of the program.

To take part in our digital hackathon, organized in collaboration with LAND education, you need to register on the Open Innovability® crowdsourcing platform by 16 November and send in your application. To apply all you need to do is send a covering letter (maximum 200 words), in Italian, to explain your reason for taking part in the digital marathon and a short description of a possible idea for a project to develop.

Finally, we need a copy of your CV to enable us to ascertain the key skills of potential participants in such a way as to best compose the work groups.

During the hackathon, together with members of their own team, as well as by mentors, tutors and experts in technology, design and innovation, participants will have to bring their creativity to the table to develop a scenario, identifying strengths, opportunities and potential weaknesses, in order to create an original project to present, along with a physical and/or digital prototype.

Applications will be accepted until November 16 and on November 19 the pool of selected candidates will be announced.

The hackathon will be taking place exclusively online from November 30 to December 4, involving 30 candidates together with 20 Enel employees in mixed multidisciplinary groups.

The winning group will receive a prize of 5,000 euro, while the second and third placed groups will receive 3,000 and 2,000 euro respectively.

Whether you are a university student, a PhD student or a professional, you can help generate a positive long-term impact, bringing your experience, or your innovative ideas, that will improve the work of thousands of other people in our country, thanks to the power of ideas.

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