Supplier Digital Day: together for a sustainable future

Published on Wednesday, 17 March 2021

In order to maintain our position as leaders in the energy transition, our Group must be able to rely on the contributions of all our partners who, in turn, have the chance to transform this collaboration into an opportunity for growth. Our commitment to involving all of the value chain on the road to sustainability and innovation is, in fact, mutually beneficial.

This commitment was the central theme at Supplier Digital Day, the event held in digital form on March 11, and organized by Procurement Italia, during which we shared with our partners the main results from the year, the new challenges and forthcoming projects.

Supplier Digital Day was chaired by the journalist Laura Chimenti, a presenter at TG1 TV news. The opening speech was by Alda Paola Baldi, Head of Procurement Italia, who stressed the fundamental role of our Partners in the journey through the energy transition. “To be the leader we need the motivation and involvement of the businesses that work with us, in a relationship that is more than a purely commercial arrangement and is based on continuous dialogue and sharing.”

Our Chair Michele Crisostomo also spoke at the event. He confirmed the importance of our partners as an integral part of our system: “Facilitating access to energy is an extraordinary purpose. We have an important mission to achieve concerning the environment and the agreements with the communities in which we operate, and every day our partners are helping us to accomplish it, demonstrating commitment and a sense of responsibility and sharing a common project of sustainable growth.”

Our Group can be a driving force for the national economic fabric, generating numerous growth opportunities for the country. These were summarized by Carlo Tamburi, Head of Country Italia, who described the investments outlined in the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. Tamburi also underlined our company’s commitment to cooperating with our suppliers during the complicated economic scenario that we have seen in the last year. “We have tried to offer our partners guarantees, certainties and reliability, stimulating the recovery while never taking our eyes off the long-term future with a view to sharing and cooperation, in a climate of great harmony.”

Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovability®, then explained how we are helping our partners measure their sustainability and circular economy performance. “We offer a circularity report prepared by Enel X which helps companies to understand how to be more circular and more sustainable.” 

These tangible metrics help us to consolidate the strategic direction that we share with our partners, which are required to meet an increasing number of qualifying criteria based on sustainability levels.

 “I am very positive about the way in which our partners have followed us in the construction of sustainability metrics, and I am sure that this qualification will bring shared value not only to the Group but to all of the companies in the supply chain,” explained Francesca Di Carlo, Head of Global Procurement. “Through sustainability and innovation we can continuously improve together, identifying new ideas and making production increasingly sustainable.”

During the first part of the event guest speakers included the President of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, who underlined the importance of a strategy oriented towards the Green New deal for the country’s economic recovery, and McKinsey’s Fabrizio Bacchini, who focused on the need to bring new digital expertise to the production chain.

The second part of the event included a round table about the challenges and opportunities of our Group’s investment Plan for Italy within the framework of the energy transitionLuca Solfaroli Camillocci, Head of Power Generation Italia, put the emphasis on decarbonization, outlining how, together with our Partners, we are making an active contribution to an “ambitious pathway built on solid commitments and accompanied by an investment plan that creates employment opportunities in the world of energy production.”

This pathway is “made possible by the development of electricity network infrastructure that is effectively an enabling factor of this transformation,” as affirmed by Vincenzo Ranieri, Head of Infrastructure and Networks Italia, who focused on the central role of infrastructure and its unifying function for Italy. Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia, talked about the third pillar of the transition, the electrification of consumption, for which it is necessary “to think in a strategic way but also proactively,” beginning with the transport sector with “the one true revolution” of electric mobility.

Then Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Market Italia, directly addressed the Partners, reiterating the need to ensure not only quality but also openness to change: “We are asking you to change the world of employment, of interacting with new technologies. Because change is not an indulgence but a necessity.”

Our goals can offer an opportunity for the social and economic development of the country, but we cannot achieve them alone. As Alda Paola Baldi stressed, “it is an ambitious plan that we want to, and we must, achieve, and the fundamental thing is that we have to do it together.” Because it is only by collaborating with our partners that we can look to the future with confidence, and drive an energy transition that leaves no one behind.


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