Piombino: the demolition of the old plant is underway with the goal of reaching greenfield status within one thousand days

Published on Thursday, 11 November 2021

The old Torre del Sale thermoelectric plant in Piombino, out of service since 2015, will be redeveloped into a sustainable project that will support environmental and commercial activities as well as tourism. The site’s complete reclamation is expected by the end of 2024, and demolition activities are being managed by Tor del Sale srl, a subsidiary of Stigliano Sviluppo.

Operational from 1977, the power plant included four groups powered by fuel oil, for an installed capacity of 1,280 MW. It ceased operations in 2012, was decommissioned in 2015, and is now being sold to Stigliano Sviluppo.

As a result, we’ve initiated a dismantling process to prepare the site for redevelopment: a process similar to the one used at our other Italian thermoelectric plants, in line with our commitment to the energy transition.

Demolition operations began with the transformers of the power station and the five tanks that contained fuel oil, already reclaimed by us in compliance with the procedures outlined in the pertinent regulations. Other areas will soon follow: boilers, turbines, machinery buildings, control room and offices.

The final step will involve the chimneys, with the achievement of greenfield status expected in approximately three years, with work completed by 2024. Abatement activities and the recycling of iron, steel and other reusable metals will be carried out in parallel with the reclamation of the area. The management of the entire site will be focused on sustainability, innovation and the circular economy.

The project is being carried out in harmony with the territory and in constant dialogue with local institutions, with the aim of creating value for local communities.

To ensure part of our land is allotted to nature, we are collaborating with the WWF Oasis of Orti-Bottagone to promote a sustainability project involving the creation, by Tor del Sale srl, of nesting platforms next to the plant for house martins, a protected species of migratory birds of the swallow family that previously nested near the boiler area.

We also plan to continue our partnership with the Oasis for other initiatives aimed at giving the site a new sustainable life aligned with its history. The power plant was called Torre del Sale (Salt Tower) because of the nearby coastal watchtower, which in turn owes its name to the ancient salt pans of the area: a testament to the site’s integration with its surrounding natural landscape.

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