Calderara di Reno the first renewable energy community supported by Enel X

Published on Sunday, 4 December 2022

Virtuous models like the first collective self-consumption renewable energy community in Calderara di Reno, in the province of Bologna, are created from the ongoing dialogue between companies, institutions, citizens and the local territory.

The construction site of the “Calderara Circular Community Municipality,” a project in which Enel X is a technological partner, was inaugurated on December 2 in the Calderara municipality in Bologna. Calderara di Reno had already set a record back in 2021 when it was recognized as Italy’s most virtuous city on the Circular City Index, the Enel X tool dedicated to measuring the circular economy and sustainability of Italian municipalities. Calderara decided to renew its commitment to the energy transition with this project that will see the construction of 3 new 75kW photovoltaic power plants, which will be added to the preexisting one, and a technology platform for the monitoring and smart management of the energy produced by the community.

The new plants will be located in the new area of the municipality, on the Lippo Preschool building and on the Longara Elementary School building. Annually, the energy community will be able to produce approximately 100,000 kWh of solar energy, with a reduction of 50 tons of CO2 emissions, equal to the absorption of more than 2,500 trees. 

“With this initiative, we are bringing to life the first energy community open to the public sector,” commented Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy. “We are reconfirming our commitment to actively supporting the energy transition of Italian municipalities and their sustainability. Enel X provides a wealth of cutting-edge tech services and digital infrastructure in order to make energy communities a truly efficient and sustainable ecosystem.”

Besides guaranteeing the technical and economic management of the entire project, which will be developed over several years, Enel X will supply a digital platform that, through an app and periodic reports, will enable the municipal government to constantly monitor the data regarding production and consumption and also be able to share it. By doing so, they can obtain state incentives that will be redistributed to benefit all members of the energy community, bringing concrete benefits that are not only environmental but also economic.

This real-time analysis will allow the community as well as Enel X to be able to see the progress of the project, check the health status of the energy sharing and identify solutions to improve it, as well as raise awareness among an increasing number of citizens about electrifying their consumption.

Calderara Circular Community Municipality” is yet another confirmation that people are the true protagonists of the energy transition and, thanks to public-private synergies, a contribution can be made to Italy’s energy independence while creating value for the entire national economy.

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