The future of the future: the new edition of the Trento Festival of Economics.

Published on Thursday, 25 May 2023

The future of the future. The challenges of a new world”: this is the main theme of the latest edition of the Trento Festival of Economics –  more than 260 events spread out over four days filled with in-depth talks, meetings and roundtable discussions created to offer a timely, across-the-board analysis of the guiding principles needed to face the challenges of a profoundly changed world as well as searching for effective and innovative solutions to counter the energy and climate crisis.

The task of bringing to life this internationally-focused festival in Trento, from May 25-28, was entrusted to scientists, opinion leaders, experts, and prominent individuals in politics, economics and civil society. It included the participation of 6 Nobel Prize winners, 19 government ministers, more than 90 academic speakers, 40 of the world’s leading economists, 60 representatives from European institutions, 35 international speakers, and more than 40 managers and business owners from some of the largest Italian and multinational companies.

The high-level calendar of events was curated by the 24 Ore Group and Trentino Marketing and promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and included the contribution of the Trento Municipality and the University of Trento. The program tackled the most critical issues of modern times, involving stakeholders, businesses and institutions, but also young people and families.

Occurring alongside the main Festival was the “FuoriFestival,” coordinated by the Scientific Committee that is chaired by Fabio Tamburini, Editor in Chief of "Il Sole 24 Ore". The “FuoriFestival” is a series of initiatives designed to bring in insights from digital creators, influencers and people in the entertainment industry to provide special content that delves into the most relevant new developments in culture, entertainment, education and new forms of communication. A festival that explores the future cannot overlook the involvement of the younger generations and, in fact, the 2023 edition dedicated 15 events to them, culminating in the “Youth Festival” series of events aimed specifically at high school and university students. 

Now in its 18th edition, the Trento Festival of Economics is a special moment for meeting and reflection to which we were invited again this year to share our Group’s experience. From sustainable governance to electrification of consumption, as always we strive to transmit society’s progress and offer appropriate solutions in an ever-changing landscape.

The focus of the speech by Enel President Paolo Scaroni, interviewed as part of the panel “Corporate governance in Italy and the world,” was the ability of companies to interpret and guide change and to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and of society with concrete and innovative strategies. During the panel, the discussion covered the birth and evolution of several large Italian and international companies. They were analyzed in search of a common denominator, either regulatory, entrepreneurial or human, through which companies can interface with the challenges of modernity, strengthened by governance models that are increasingly flexible and efficient in terms of economics and at the same time in harmony with the needs of the community and the environment. In this scenario, the education of the younger generations regarding issues of sustainability plays a key role in building a better future together.

Finance and culture, energy and sustainability: The Trento Festival of Economics has once again shown itself to be a must-attend event for all those who want to take a comprehensive, wide-ranging look at the trends and challenges of a world that requires a shared, mutual commitment to usher in a new phase of economic revival, geopolitical stability and social inclusion.

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