Cyber Harbour: a new center of excellence for information security

Published on Wednesday, 21 June 2023

The aim of the new “Cyber Harbour” center, which was launched by our Group together with Planven Entrepreneur Ventures and Nozomi Networks, is to raise awareness about the importance and strategic role of cybersecurity while also promoting innovation and the sharing of technology and best practices of the sector.

It will not just be a center of excellence in Italy, but a true idea incubator and meeting place for cybersecurity experts, companies, investors and the academic world. It was created to foster research and development activities in the sector, through our OpenInnovability® approach, and to transform potential risks into opportunities for growth for the entire Country.

This concept was highlighted by our Head of Global Digital Solutions, Carlo Bozzoli, who spoke during the presentation on June 19 at the Lingotto in Turin, saying “We want to bring Italy up to the level it deserves. Behind a threat or a challenge, an opportunity can emerge. Cybersecurity is necessary for the protection of critical infrastructure. We take it for granted that by flipping a switch we have electricity in our homes, but think about the fact that hospitals, other critical infrastructure, telecommunications and transportation systems are all connected to the grid and, as a key provider, we cannot afford to let our guard down.”

The mission of the Cyber Harbour in Turin is to promote and foster the realization of innovative and competitive projects in a market that requires substantial economic resources as well as professional resources and where most of the solutions and protection tools are imported from abroad.  How can this trend be reversed? We want to reverse it with this new research and development center in which, together with Planven and Nozomi, we will involve companies, investors, startups, universities and institutions to spark proactive collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships and do our part to make Italy a leader in this field in terms of technical expertise, know-how and technological innovation.

Innovation, safety, sustainability: “Cyber Harbour” encapsulates the values of our Group and represents a further commitment to Italy and to spread an even more aware digital culture in line with the times.

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