Green&Blue: The festival that aims to create "An Earth for All"

Published on Friday, 9 June 2023

Fighting climate change is a challenge that concerns us all: in order to win at it, it is vital that there be a solid, shared commitment from organizations, businesses, and citizens to work on wide-ranging initiatives for rethinking the ways we produce and use energy. But that's not all: coming together to combat global warming means, first and foremost, putting people back at the center of a world that works to reduce inequalities, focus on diversity, and promote social and labor-market inclusion, so as to lead to the sustainable and shared growth of society as a whole.

This was the universal message in the words of the scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, educators, activists, and personalities from the worlds of music and culture who spoke during the Green&Blue Festival, the event held by La Repubblica that saw us as a partner. For four days – from June 5 to 8 – the festival took over Rome and Milan with a wide range of meetings, gatherings, panel discussions, roundtable events as well as concerts and performances, to reiterate the need for a solid, coordinated response to the major issues of modern times: the climate, energy, technology, the economy, labor, and education. Because energy transition that promotes renewable sources is a great opportunity that will play an increasingly crucial role and can no longer be put off.


Our commitment to energy transition

In a scenario where the widespread adoption of renewable sources is crucial in every sector to combat climate change, ensure energy independence, and promote new opportunities for sustainable growth, companies must also play their part. They must conceptualize and lead a transition that can address environmental concerns while also taking the economy into consideration.

In order to do this, there is a need for an increasingly efficient distribution network, which also includes the creation of new energy communities, to involve all citizens and generate environmental, economic, and social benefits locally.

This message was emphasized by our Head of Country Italy, Nicola Lanzetta, who spoke during the panel discussion “Energy, the electricity distribution network represents the nervous system of the whole electricity system.” Not only does it allow us to have electricity in homes, offices, and social spaces, it, above all, puts us in a position to connect to new renewable-energy systems, such as public and private photovoltaic panels as part of a countrywide system. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate in a fundamental paradigm shift.

According to Lanzetta, the focus on and interest in renewable-energy sources is confirmed as a growing trend. Suffice it to say that the number of renewable sources connected to the grid by our Group in the first three months of 2023 is about double the number in the same period of 2022. Thus, a large part of the investments we make over the next three years will go to constantly updating our distribution grids, expanding it and making it more resilient and reliable, able to accommodate an increasing number of renewable-energy sources and to withstand external stressors, such as extreme weather events, which have been intensifying in recent years due to climate change.

Technological innovation, a comprehensive view, and long-term strategies: as a Group, we are contributing to the sustainable development of Italy and Europe, cognizant of the fact that an increase in renewable-energy sources goes hand in hand with the establishment of new social model focused on equality, opportunity, and inclusion, for an energy transition made by the people, with the people, for the people. This is the only way to have an Earth that is truly for all.

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