Published on Thursday, 5 June 2003

The agreement involves about 100 companies in the Piedmont province with potential annual volumes of 10 million kWh of electricity and 15 million cubic metres of natural gas

Alessandria, June 5, 2003 -

The API-Consorzio Nord-Ovest Energia, Enel Energia and Enel Gas have struck an exclusive agreement for the supply of electricity and natural gas to the consortium’s member companies. It is the first agreement of this type in Italy and highlights the strategic validity of Enel’s "dual fuel offer".

The supply of electricity will initially involve about 50 companies, to which a further 50 from the provinces of Asti and Alessandria can be added, with potential annual volumes of about 10 million kWh. Gas will be supplied to 20 companies in the two provinces and a further 60 could join later. The potential volumes are around 15 million cubic metres a year.

The agreement underwritten by API and Enel Energia - for customers on the free market with annual electricity consumption of between 100,000 and one million kWh - and with Enel Gas, without annual consumption limits - offers advantageous conditions

which will eventually extend to other types of client.

As well, the two Enel companies will offer future clients related services for the optimization and online monitoring of consumption, the transformation of plants, and an dedicated account manager will provide both information and advice on contracts.

The agreement was signed for API by its chairman Roberto Roveta, for the Nord-Ovest Energy Consortium by its chairman Giuseppe Garlando, and for Enel Energia and Enel Gas, by the respective directors general Luca Dal Fabbro and Valerio Camerano. The supply of energy will begin on July 1st and will guarantee attractive financial conditions for the second half of 2003, with even better prospects for 2004.

"We are very pleased with the agreement," Roveta and Garlando said. "Enel Energia, a sector leader, will be the supplier of electricity on the free market for our members and will guarantee a serious, reliable and continuous service. For gas it will be Enel Gas, a new company which is already a leader and is, in fact, the second operator on the Italian market".

Camerano and Dal Fabbro said: "This agreement holds a special importance for us. For the first time, Enel will act a sole supplier of electricity and gas, and for an important industrial consortium. Our company’s strength is that of offering a service based on the specific needs of customers, both in terms of conditions of supply and technical-commercial support."

Generale | June, 05 2003



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