Published on Friday, 27 February 2009

In Rome, the winners of the competitions that Enel organises for Italian and foreign schools of all levels. More than 440,000 students and 7,000 schools involved in Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica and Guatemala.
The Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo, Enel Chairman Piero Gnudi and Enel CEO Fulvio Conti will attend the ceremony.

Rome, 27 February 2009 - Enel awards the winners of the Energia in Gioco and Young Energy competitions for 2007-08. The prizes have been awarded today, in Rome, at the Enel Auditorium in Via Regina Margherita 125. The Minister for the Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo, the Enel Chairman Piero Gnudi and the Enel CEO and General Manager Fulvio Conti will participate in the ceremony.

Once again this year, schools enthusiastically participated in the competitions: more than 440,000 students and more than 7,000 schools in Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica and Guatemala were involved. Of these, 100,000 young people participated in the competition, with more than 2,000 projects. The grand finale in Rome is a great opportunity for all the participants to meet and exchange ideas.

"Energia in Gioco - said Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo - confirms the widespread concern that young people have for the environment. The over four hundred thousand students who participated in the competition show that, using an appropriate language and methodology, young people have a lot to say about improving our planet."

"With Energia in Gioco - said CEO Fulvio Conti - Enel underscores its concern for the world of young people and environmental education. Making students more aware of the issues of sustainable development, energy efficiency, and the value of scientific research contributes to creating a culture that is aware and conscious of the new energy scenarios. The success of the competition, both in Italy and abroad, with the Young Energy project, shows that the theme of energy can contribute to bringing new generations from different countries closer one another, thus overcoming national boundaries."

The participants were challenged to find effective solutions to improve the quality of life and promote the intelligent use of electricity where they live, turning cities into models of energy efficiency and savings for the benefit of the environment and entire community.


In the elementary school category, the winners were Classes 5A and 5B of the Andrea Mantegna school in Brindisi, coordinated by their teacher Michela Drago, with the "Elettricità" project. Second place was awarded to Class 4 of the Gianni Rodari School in Verbania Pallanza (VB), which presented the project "Il trekking illuminato in città", coordinated by Prof. Nives Cerruti. Third place went to Class 4C of the Somma Vesuviana School (NA), which presented a project entitled "Don Mì e O’ paese d’ò Sole” with the coordination of their teacher Teresa Sepe.

Honourable mention in this category went to Classes 4A-B of the Carlo Collodi Elementary School of Civitavecchia (Rome), coordinated by Prof. Elsa Massa and Anna Cappelletti, with a project entitled "Una scuola luminosa immersa nel verde ecologico."

In the XL category - middle school - first place was awarded to the "Illumina la tua città” project of Class 3B of Castell'Alfero Middle School of Castell'Alfero (AT), coordinated by Professor Alessandro Cutelli. Second place went to the Gabrio Casati Middle School of Comacchio (FE) with Class 3B and its teacher Nicola Tassella, who presented the project "Energia pulita? Si può fare!!!". The third step of the podium was occupied by Class 3Q, taught by Erminia Capocchiani, of the Grazia Deledda Middle School of Rome, which presented the project "Idrelia, acqua e sole".

Classes 3A OE, 3B OM and 4A TL of the Cristoforo Colombo School of Porto Tolle (RO) were declared winners for the secondary school category with the project "Palafitte sulla Sacca degli Scardovari" coordinated by Prof. Maurizio Bruciaferri. The silver medal was awarded to the Francesco Severi School of S. Giovanni Valdarno (AR) for "I giardini del sole” project developed by Class 1 ITER and its teacher Chiara Cheti. Third place went to the "Più S.Y.V. meno SUV” project of Class 5 E1, coordinated by Prof. Maurizio Alberti, of the Giulio Riva School of Saronno (VA).

The jury awarded honourable mentions to Class 4C of the Duccio da Boninsegna School of Siena, which presented a project entitled "Design luminoso" with the help of Prof. Neva Pini, and Class 4B of the Ferdinando Borghese School of Patti (ME), taught by Prof. Giuseppe Orlando, with the project "Patti si illumina meglio”.

Enel also awarded the students from the Giuseppe Verdi School in Valdobbiadene (TV) who, under the guidance of their teachers Paolo Forin and Marco Noro, won the second edition of the Master Energia In Gioco with their paper “Soluzioni Impiantistiche a risparmio energetico per aziende artigianali e industriali.” This initiative enables students in their fourth and fifth high school years to approach the University world in order to analyse thoroughly issues of scientific interest. The winners deciding to matriculate to a scientific faculty will be refunded of their first year’s enrolment fee, up to a maximum amount of 2,000 euros.


Enel has rewarded the commitment and creativity of the students, teachers and schools with a range of attractive prizes, including ZEN mp3 players, Nintendo consoles, iPods, satellite navigators, digital photo frames and week-end trips to an European capital. Moreover, to emphasise our continuing commitment to schools, the first three schools at the national level will win a grant of 6,000, 3,500 and 1,500 euros respectively. The three winners of the “honourable mention” category will also be awarded by receiving a contribution of 1,500 euros each.


Students have been asked to test their creative and project skills through a competition titled “Tante idee luminose per la tua città”.

For Bulgaria, as part of the Young Energy project, first prize in the XXL category went to Class 10A of the PMG Nikola Obreshkov School of Kazanlak, which, coordinated by their teacher Radiana Panova, presented the project "Energyville - Energy Town".

The gold medal for Chile in the XL category went to the "Energyful Model" presented by the 8th grade class of Escuela Básica San Antonio de Padua of Ollagüe, coordinated by Viviana Saavedra Villalobos.

In Romania, the Colegiul Na?ional Mihai Viteazu of Slobozia, Ialomi?a was declared winner in the XXL category thanks to the "Feaw - Fire, Earth, Air, Water" project created by Class 10 with the help of their teacher B?dele Nela.

First place for Slovakia went to Class Septima A of the Gymnázium Ladislava Sáru of Bratislava, which competed in the XXL category with the project "The energy sources of the future", with the guidance of Prof. Lisa Viera.

With the new edition, Energia in Gioco and Young Energy will be united under one major project entitled PlayEnergy, creating a truly international energy network. Indeed, the international scope of the project is expanding, involving new countries such as Russia and the United States in addition to the established participation of Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Chile and Costa Rica

With PlayEnergy energy becomes an ideal ground for dialogue to bring together young people from around the world, offering them a unique educational experience while contributing to the growth and progress of the countries involved in the initiative.

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