Published on Thursday, 29 December 2011

Five new plants have entered into service over the past few days in December, bringing Enel Green Power’s additional capacity in 2011 to more than 880 MW;
The five new plants are: an innovative solar PV facility combined with a geothermal plant in the USA, as well as two wind farms in Romania and two in Spain, for an overall capacity of more than 150 MW;
Enel Green Power’s net installed capacity exceeds 7,000 MW at the end of 2011.

Rome, December 29th, 2011 – Enel Green Power ends 2011 by achieving its target of additional organic capacity installed that has been announced to the markets. With over 880 MW of new installed capacity during 2011, Enel Green Power, which boasts an integrated international business, confirms its sector leadership.

“The full achievement of our growth target”, commented Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel Green Power, “confirms that we are in line with our development plan and underscores the validity of our strategy, which is focused on geographical and technological diversification. We are demonstrating that we can fulfil our market commitments in the field of development and we will continue to implement our business plan according to schedule and procedures”.

To complete the achievement of this goal, Enel Green Power has brought five new plants online in the last days of December.
In the United States, Enel Green Power, through its US subsidiary EGP North America, has begun operation of a photovoltaic system that adds 24 MW to the 33 MW of the Stillwater geothermal power plant. This is the first renewable energy project in the world that combines the continuous generation capacity of binary-cycle, medium-enthalpy geothermal power with the peak capacity of solar power, allowing a better match with NV Energy’s customer needs. NV Energy has a contract to buy all the energy that will be generated by the plant. The solar power plant will generate around 40 million kWh of clean energy per year, enough to meet the needs of 15,000 American households as well as avoiding the emission of around 28,000 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Combining two technologies to produce electricity from renewable sources at the same location increases the generation of zero-emission energy, but also makes it possible to use the same infrastructures such as, for instance, electrical interconnection lines, thereby further reducing environmental impact. The entry into service of this new plant brings Enel Green Power’s total installed capacity in North America to more than 1,000 MW.

In Romania, the Corugea wind farm as well as the first 25 MW from the Moldova Noua wind farm have entered into service. The Corugea plant, located in the Tulcea region, consists of 35 V-90 wind turbines of 2 MW each, for a total installed capacity of 70 MW. The plant is able to generate around 190 million kWh annually, enough to meet the energy needs of approximately 70,000 households and avoid the atmospheric emission of more than 130,000 metric tons of CO2 each year. Over more, Enel Green Power has connected to the Romanian grid the first 25 MW of its 48 MW “Moldova Noua” wind farm, located in the historical Banat region. Following the completion of Moldova Noua, Enel Green Power’s total installed capacity in Romania will reach 292 MW. Such capacity will be able to generate around 620 million kWh each year, meeting the energy needs of approximately 230,000 households and avoiding the annual atmospheric emission of more than 430,000 tons of CO2.

Finally, in Spain, Enel Green Power España has put into operation the first 33 MW of two new wind farms in the province of Avila, Castilla y León region, specifically the first 19 MW (out of a total 21 MW) from the Lanchal wind farm  and the first 14 MW (out of a total 23 MW) from the Pucheruelo wind farm. Following completion, both plants, equipped with G58 wind turbines of 0.85 MW each, will generate around 110 million kWh when fully up and running. Therefore, the two farms will be able to meet the annual power consumption needs of more than 40,000 households, avoiding the release of around 80,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Enel Green Power España has more than 330 MW already in operation in the Castilla y León region. In the overall Iberian peninsula, the company currently operates more than 1,800 MW.

Enel Green Power’s net installed capacity at the end of 2011 has reached an overall 7 GW, of which 3.5 GW wind, 2.5 GW hydro, 0.8 GW geothermal, 0.1 GW solar and 0.1 other renewable technologies (biomass and cogeneration).


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