The tricolour energy that unites Italy

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STEM, the gateway to the future

Fewer than one in four students choose to study STEM subjects in higher education, yet more than 8 million jobs are set to be created in these sectors. The Tech Talks on the professions of the future


Twenty years of the Global Compact: together for a sustainable future

A dieci dalla scadenza dell’Agenda 2030 resta ancora molto da fare per centrare l’obiettivo di uno sviluppo sostenibile. Se n’è discusso a Roma il 13 e 14 ottobre, al Forum organizzato da Global Compact Network Italia

Innovation and sustainability


Assisi, the Italian Manifesto for combating the climate crisis

In the city made famous by Saint Francis, a Manifesto has been presented calling for a more human-scale economy to combat the climate crisis. One of the supporters is our own CEO Francesco Starace


What’s your power? Sustainable energy

A new multi-business campaign from Enel reaffirms the Group’s positioning strategy that focuses on sustainability, people and change

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circular economy

Discovering Circular Economy

It’s a model that combines innovation and sustainability, and which is redefining business strategy. Find out more about the new scenarios for sustainable growth

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