Giro d'Italia, shared values

Published on Thursday, 10 November 2016

The 2016 edition of the Tour was among the most innovative ever; for the 2017 edition we want to add a new focus to our storytelling. The bicycle narrates Italy’s story, just  like history books.

With our two wheels, we adopt the widespread environmental consciousness and promote sustainable mobility. We will affirm our commitment and the new course that we have taken to foster electric mobility, renewable energy and smart technology: a new shared vision of Italy’s energy future.

We will start pedaling on 5 May in Sardinia, scenery of the Great Departure of the GIro. The island is home to the Tour for the third time, after the editions of 1991 and 2007. Three sprint stages where the route includes Alghero-Olbia, Olbia-Tortolì and Tortolì-Cagliari. Two more stages in Sicily and then the race will continue throughout the Italian peninsula, all the way to May 28, when the final arrival will reach Milan for the 76th time.

Enel and Giro d’Italia represent the history of the country, sports and t energy. The Giro is the Italian sporting identity towards the rest of the world. Enel is the symbol of the ability to innovate the energy sector, and the technological "made in Italy" excellence that enables us to open up and compete in international markets.

From geothermal to hydropower, from electric mobility to high-tech innovations that have already become everyday reality, step by step we will journey to be close to the community and to discover all the best of Enel. 

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