Inspiration is everywhere

“This innovative project not only confirms our commitment to enhancing contemporary art, but also allows the Museum to open up to new important challenges, such as that of energy efficiency. With this innovative partnership Enel contributes to turn Italy’s most important contemporary art centre into a showcase that demonstrates how to smartly design and enhance a precious asset such as a Museum”

– Enel Chairman Patrizia Grieco

Whatever its form of expression, we believe in the power of art and in the opportunities for thought and participation it offers the communities. This is why we became the first private partner of the Maxxi Foundation – National Art Museum of the 21st. Century, in Rome – so we could offer its visitors important artistic research, architectural, cultural and social projects. From Tuesday to Friday we enable visitors to visit the Permanent Collection for free and we help improve the Museum’s energy efficiency.

Art creates value, the value of change, because it is just as vital as energy: it is not born nor can it be exhausted, but it continuously transforms itself.

Get a personalised quote for your home

Get a personalised quote for your home