A consumer-friendly company

Published on Friday, 17 March 2017

“The new approach is the expression of a typically Anglo-Saxon consumers’ culture. A mutual act of confidence between the customers and the company is necessary, which means the possibility to solve together every issue without contrasts”

– Ciro Varco, Enel’s Head of ADR procedures

Enel was the first company in its sector to make the dispute resolution attempt actually possible through the specific website. The joint negotiation is managed by a committee consisting of a conciliator appointed by the consumer association and one chosen by Enel.

That’s not all: Enel has adopted the mandatory settlement also through the Authority’s Resolution Service and other ADR equivalent instruments, as provided for by the TICO, as well as the European platform for online dispute resolution.

The system is always win-win. Courts are not flooded with civil cases, the compensation for consumers will not take forever, the company saves on legal fees and, above all, is still seen as friendly by customers. This is no small thing.

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