The Pink Jersey, an icon of sport and local beauty

Published on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

“The Giro d’Italia is a moment of passion, excellence, energy and determination. And these are also the Enel Group’s values”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

A partnership based on values

Three years of shared passion and commitment that saw the Giro d’Italia’s historic core values intersect with those of our company: a connection with people and the local area, respect for the environment, the energy of professionals that put their hearts and minds into every single push of the pedals. A sporting parade accompanied by focus, training, teamwork and feats that leave their mark. All values that flank both ourselves in our work and are the symbol of this gruelling but seductive cycling competition: the Maglia Rosa.

“In 2016, we decided to sponsor the Pink Jersey because we feel it is an icon of both sport and the beauty of Italy. All Italians identify with the Maglia Rosa. And that is what we want for our company: we want Italians to identify with us”

– Carlo Tamburi, Head of Country Italy, Enel

From Catania to Rome: a journey of discovery of sustainability in practice

The Giro 101 started from Israel, reviving a tradition begun in the 1960s of taking the race outside Italian borders. In all it covered just shy of 3,563 kilometres, traversing Italy’s natural and artistic heritage, from Sicily to the Alps and all the way to the Capital. A route along which we were able to highlight the roots and stories that connect our company with the area, a case in point being the Enel Green Power technology hub in the shadow of Mount Etna in Catania where we design and make new generation solar panels. Staying on the innovation trail, we come to Ferrara where, in partnership with Bonifiche Ferraresi, we created Europe’s first sustainable and smart agricultural district. Continuing north towards the Alps, we encounter the renewable energy generated by the EGP hydroelectric stations set in the great outdoors. Not forgetting either, Italy’s heart and the initiatives for the areas so badly devastated by the 2017 earthquake.

Kilometres of road on which we have also committed ourselves to creating a widespread charging network for electric vehicles through our new Enel X division, with the aim of creating a new, concrete, accessible-to-all model of sustainable mobility in our country.

We met with many local companies with whom we are working on developing innovative solutions, such as Ares2T, a Roman e-mobility-focused startup, MAC, which specialises in designing charging columns in the medieval town of Recanati, Cobat, the national collection and recycling consortium with which we share an electric vehicle battery reuse project, and Astelav which gives used electric appliances a new lease of life. Myriad new possible business models inspired by the principles of the Circular Economy  

Energies that regenerate and gather strength from collaboration and sharing. The same energies that saw Froome cross the finish line in Rome in the Pink Jersey with all his teammates. 

In innovation terms, the 101st Giro d’Italia’s final balance also extends to the debut of the Giro E: the first e-bike race to retrace the route of the Giro d’Italia. An “electric” competition that also saw a team sporting the colours of its title sponsor, Enel X, reach the podium.

Our three years of partnership with RCS Sport, which organises the Giro d'Italia, have been filled with passion and enthusiasm, an experience which will help us to grow and bring energy to the entire nation.

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