“Breeding Hope”, the crowdfunding project for Central Italy

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Crowdfunding is reenergising the area 

On 30 November 2018 in Rome, we signed an agreement with Legambiente that will see us become partners in the initiative over the next two years in order to support producers who wish to remain in the areas hit by the 2016 and 2017 earthquake. The fundraising campaign, as the President of Legambiente Stefano Ciafani explained, is intended to provide tangible help to these businesses in order to prevent economic “desertification” and the depopulation of the area. 


“In these areas, the businesses involved in livestock rearing and the preparation of local produce of extraordinary quality are genuine bastions of our civil life that need the support of the whole country in order to survive, together with the communities of which they are part”

– Stefano Ciafani, President of Legambiente

Enel’s commitment to the initiative, explained Claudio Fiorentini, Enel’s Head of Relations with Associations and Stakeholders, represents the link that has always kept us close to Italy’s local communities.

“Roots is one of the words that distinguishes this initiative: it evokes the mountain environment, the countryside, the roots of the people and companies that work in the area, but also of our company, which for more than 50 years has been present in the area demonstrating a constant sensitivity towards all the social partners who live and work here”

– Claudio Fiorentini, Enel’s Head of Relations with Associations and Stakeholders

Fiorentini added that there are also two other words that describe the project. One is resilience, like that of the four livestock breeders and their strong bond with the local area. The other is ecosystem, understood as the set of all the actors who are working side by side to kick-start local development. 

The first four livestock breeders: target achieved

The first phase of “Breeding Hope”, which launched in November 2018 has concluded successfully. The first four business people in Central Italy, thanks to contributions from more than 280 donors, raising 78,500 euros, will be used to kick-start their activities. The funds will be destined for the reconstruction of the stables belonging to Silvia Bonomi at Ussita (near Macerata) and of Amelia Nibi in Amatrice (near Rieti) and for purchasing farm machinery for Teresa Piccioni in Teramano and Alessia Brandimarte in Norcia (near Perugia). 

The new reconstruction projects 

The second phase of the crowdfunding campain to support another four livestock breeders in Central Italy has been active on platform PlanBee since 15 May.

With the funds from “Breeding Hope” Alba Alessandri wants to bring organic farming practices to Pieve Torina (near Macerata) and make her cattle breeding farm organic. In Norcia, on the other hand, Arianna Veneri wants to raise funds to renovate the family agritourism farm stay, which suffered serious damage, and to open an educational petting farm for children. Fabio Fantusi wants to encourage tourists to return to Amatrice with a project to develop tourist facilities in the area between the Sibillini Mountains and Monte della Laga. Pietropaolo Martinelli wants to purchase new sheep in order to recommence production of the famous pecorino di Farindola cheese.

You too can support “Breeding Hope”

Alba Alessandri

I would like to make my cattle farm organic and encourage the spread of this practice in the Pieve Torina area

Pietropaolo Martinelli

I would like to recommence production of pecorino di Farindola, a cheese with a long history and traditionally produced by local women

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