Electric mobility, a guide to its use

Published on Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Driving emotions with Enel X

Nicola Andreetto, the blogger and YouTuber better known as Motoreetto, discusses his experience driving an electric motorbike. To make sure he never runs out of energy, Motoreetto uses the Enel X Recharge App to locate the nearest charging station in a matter of seconds, book the socket and start charging.

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e-Mobility Revolution 2018, Italy’s electric mobility is growing

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Recovery and recycling lithium batteries, our commitment

We’re developing circular economy initiatives to respond to the challenge of end-of-life management for energy storage systems, especially lithium batteries, which play a crucial role in promoting the spread of e-mobility


Debunking the myths about e-cars

Is it true they consume a lot of energy? That they pollute as much as traditional cars? And that the batteries can’t be disposed of? An interview with professor Valerio Rossi Albertini, nuclear physicist and CNR researcher

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