Giro 102, the Arena of energy

Published on Thursday, 6 June 2019

This edition of the Giro inaugurated a new three-year cycle for our company alongside this highly successful competition and the Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey). It’s a partnership that has been reinforced over time thanks to our shared awareness of representing the history of the country, of the sport and of energy. There are also many shared values, such as respect for the environment, the close bonds with local areas and communities, passion, dedication and teamwork.

The Giro is part of Italian sporting identity and each year it is showcased to the world, as was evident on Sunday 2 June at the Arena. This year it was a truly international grandstand, and it was packed with hundreds of people dressed in the yellow, blue and red of the Ecuadorian flag.

Enel meanwhile is flying the flag for the “Made in Italy” identity, with its capability to innovate in the name of sustainability, its solid roots in the regions of our country but also its commitment to looking far ahead to the future. Edition number 103 will take us to Budapest in Hungary, where another story is waiting to be told and we look forward to telling it together.

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