School4Life 2.0: our commitment to combat school dropout

Published on Monday, 27 March 2023

School4Life 2.0 is not only an opportunity to spread awareness among young people about the job opportunities offered by the energy transition, but also offers a wide range of initiatives that involve students, teachers, school administrators and families in the creation of true educational communities that can effectively counter the school dropout and educational poverty trends. A training and orientation project for the world of work as part of the larger program to support quality education (Sustainable Development Goal 4) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

An active education for a sustainable future

We pursue this goal through a methodological approach based on experimentation and learning-by-doing, one that is supported at every stage by targeted educational projects such as webinars, training labs, inspirational talks, orientation initiatives and empowerment. During these sessions, students interact with experts from our Group, who are called upon to enrich the School4Life 2.0 training ecosystem as masters of their trade, role models and mentors.

They have been entrusted with one of the most important tasks: to work alongside teachers in strategic activities that aim to stimulate the proactivity of students, who for this purpose are involved in concrete projects where they can use their skills and creativity to tackle and solve realistic problems. This introductory learning path is strongly devoted to the practical, where our colleagues play the dual role of guides and points of reference. There is constant motivating and encouraging of students to unleash their full potential and talent as they closely accompany them on a journey to discover the values and skills that are fundamental to finding success in the world of work. These include soft skills and technical-specialized knowledge, diversity and inclusiveness, tech tools and digital trends through which young people can conscientiously contribute to the sustainable development of society, in line with the UN’s SDG.

This mission is carried out in middle schools also through the assistance of young men and women from secondary schools who are called upon to be “ambassadors” by passing on the knowledge they have acquired to younger children, while always being supported by our team of experts.

School4life 2.0 also includes webinars dedicated to parents and teachers, during which families and school staff are shown how to recognize ahead of time the warning signs that precede dropping out of school, allowing them to intervene early to support and encourage young people to gain awareness and achieve their goals.

“Investing in education and training means having a key to the future: it is from projects like School4Life 2.0 that we draw lifeblood for our energy, fueled by new generations and the prospect of being able to contribute to an increasingly sustainable, green and digital world.”

– Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy

Our energy for young people and education 

To date, our experts have spoken at 242 kickoff events at schools, participated in 85 inspirational talks and 209 meetings, and brought their expertise to 25 training labs and work projects as well as 105 “educational cafes,” moments of dialogue essential to the coordination of our participation together with school administrators, teachers and Elis counselors. In addition, the students were able to visit our worksites twice, coming into firsthand contact with our commitment to the energy transition and sustainable development. Lastly, School4Life 2.0 will conclude with a big Creathon: a creativity marathon involving secondary school and university students with the aim of awarding the most innovative ideas and the most ambitious projects.

With School4Life 2.0, we want to reaffirm our commitment to the younger generations because the active involvement of both youth and schools is indispensable to sustaining the growth of Italy with a new supply of ideas, skills and awareness, in short, new energy that we are convinced will bring our objectives for the future even closer.

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