The Agricultural System

Working alongside the Agricultural Sector to provide support and integrated expertise for solutions regarding energy, sustainability, efficiency, and energy transition.


Who we are

Agriculture is a key sector for Italy’s economy. It is essential in reaching the goals of efficient and sustainable production, promoting local agro-forestry, supporting food quality and safety, and safeguarding biodiversity.

That is why we set up The Agricultural System: along with the Enel Group’s Business Line, this structure promotes the development and use of renewable energy in the primary sector, as well as energy-saving and the digitalization of the Agricultural Sector.

Our objective is develop requalification and innovation projects with our Clients that can immediately translate into greater efficiency and savings, while also providing a significant contribution to the country’s energy transition.

Innovative and sustainable solutions

We help Agricultural Sector become more sustainable with solutions that integrate energy generation from renewable sources with agricultural processes.

We enhance the value of structures by installing solar panels on rooftops, modernizing buildings and production facilities, and improving their insulation and ventilation.

Today, farms can create an «energy community» and therefore equip themselves with a renewable plant, using the excess production to share it with the members of the community and at the same time benefiting from state economic incentives.

We support the identification of specific gas and power offers, in line with the need to strengthen a company’s competitiveness.

The Enel Group’s four objectives for the agricultural world
Offering cost-effective solutions and sustainable services to boost the energy transition of agricultural businesses and increase their competitiveness and resilience.
Promoting sustainable energy solutions, the development of goods and services with low environmental impact, also through the redevelopment of agricultural land and facilities.
Measuring the energy consumption and efficiency levels of farms within the framework of the circular economy, applying new technologies, digitalizing processes, and offering plans featuring innovative solutions.
Enhancing and adequately presenting (throughout the country) the goods and services that the Group currently offers to the agricultural sector.

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