Enel, recognised by Universum as the top utility company

Published on Friday, 6 December 2019

According to Italian professionals working in science and technology, we are the most attractive utility company to work for. This result emerged from a ranking compiled by the specialist employer branding agency Universum Global, which last June also ranked our Group in first position following a similar survey of Italian students about to enter the world of work.

This fourth edition of the survey was conducted on a sample of 8,000 young professionals and around 4,000 senior professionals who completed an online questionnaire between November and July. Enel ranked in seventh place overall among the top 30 companies for professionals working in the STEM sectors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and 13th for women working in the same areas, but secured top spot in the Industry/Utility sector.
Google came top in the general ranking, both for professionals with a background in business and economics as well as for those working in the STEM sectors, but Italian companies performed well, with Ferrero, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica and Ferrari leading the way.
Both young (with fewer than five years of professional experience) and senior professionals alike suggested that a stimulating and engaging working environment is their top priority, closely followed by opportunities for professional training and development. However, business professionals favoured leadership opportunities as the third most important aspect, whereas tech and science professionals underlined the importance of a meritocratic working environment.

The survey of students’ employer preferences involved 40,416 undergraduates from 44 universities and 130 different areas of study. This study also ranked our Group in first place among utility companies, whilst we ranked twelfth overall for students studying STEM subjects.
This result is an acknowledgement of the work of our Human Resources team, and reflects the impact of the communication lines Enel has opened up with millennials and post-millennials, the so-called Generation Z.
A good work-life balance was highlighted as the main career objective for university students; this was followed by securing a stable job and having the opportunity to work for a just cause.

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