A Story That Counts: that of people.

Published on Tuesday, 28 March 2023

A company is very similar to a large musical orchestra: a system where various people and instruments work together to reach a larger and nobler goal. It is enriched thanks to the diversity that characterizes each of the individual components, until every dissonance turns into a harmony that can inspire, move and enthuse.

For this reason, the Music Park Auditorium in Rome was the ideal setting to host the event A Story That Counts on March 28. It was a special moment organized to celebrate the people who, through their commitment and dedication, contribute to making our Group great.

The Head of Country Italy, Nicola Lanzetta, and the Head of People & Organization Italy, Francesca Valente, hosted and thanked 350 colleagues who have important anniversaries to celebrate with us this year. In fact, each of the participants share with us a work history, both a professional and personal experience, spanning 10, 20, 30 or 40 years. During this time, they have contributed to Italy’s energy transition with their vision, sense of belonging and ability to continuously innovate and grow as a team.

Over these decades, the world has radically transformed: a change we have never stopped monitoring, interpreting and guiding. We decided to celebrate our shared journey through memories, emotions and stories that were at times funny and other times touching, that have bound us together throughout the years. We painted a picture that above all is a testimony to the plurality of professionalism, diversity, aptitudes and relationships that represents our Group’s greatest asset.

Francesca Valente emphasized, «People are the driving force of our company, which only achieves excellent results thanks to them. People are the reason that Enel can play in the “energy world championships,” bringing our values into all the communities in which we operate. This is the reason Enel offers each person a job full of potential, with a dimension of sustainability and balance that combines growth and well-being with professional goals

«Our company has a strong technological component, but our company wouldn’t have a future, a past, or a present if it wasn’t for the people who we are here celebrating today. For their humanity, because they are people, men and women, who have shared a professional but also a personal history with Enel over the years, and for their professionalism, because all our colleagues represent a boundless wealth of expertise which will continue to make Enel always greater» remarked Nicola Lanzetta.

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