Diversity and inclusion: our employee welfare

Harmonizing work and personal life

Our idea of wellbeing goes beyond the private sphere to extend to the professional realm as well, and more generally, to people’s lives as a whole. Work-life balance and inclusion are not only questions of organization, but also concern the provision of tangible opportunities and services. Agile working and remote working, our experience of which goes back to 2016, represent a cornerstone: an excellent example of flexibility that uses time more efficiently but also confirms one of our core values – trust in people. They no longer need to be restricted by rigid hours: their work is viewed from a broader perspective that takes into account long-term projects.

Within the Enel Group, Italy has been a test-bed for this approach to working that, since 2018, has been extended to more than 14,000 employees in other countries. Today, thanks to the digital acceleration that has taken place during the pandemic, it has been adopted by more than 37,000 employees around the world.

The goal of achieving a harmonious work-life balance prompted us to implement a series of actions and best practices. And, thanks to these, in 2016, our Group was ranked for the first time in 25th place in the Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Index which analyzed 5,000 international companies and selected the top 100 worldwide.

In 2020, our Group was top of the “Electric Utilities & IPPs” category in the Refinitiv Diversity and Inclusion Index (formerly the Thomson Reuters D&I Index). It ranked 17th in the Top 100 compiled by Refinitiv, the global provider of financial markets data. This index assesses the performances of more than 7,000 companies in terms of diversity and inclusion, based on publicly available information.

In the 2021 edition of the “Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking,” which is published each year by Equileap to monitor the implementation of gender equality policies in the corporate world, our Group was ranked as the best utility at global level. It was the best Italian company and achieved eighth place in the overall TOP 100. In 2022, for the third consecutive year, the Group has been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) of the 418 leading companies from 45 countries. The index assesses almost 11,700 publicly-listed companies based on the extent of their disclosures and the results of their gender-inclusion initiatives.

Developing new skills

Getting the most out of people requires constant learning, something that we encourage at all levels with a number of programs that enrich and broaden everyone’s skills. Examples include the Re-Generation project which was set up in collaboration with the international online university Uninettuno, an institution that was honored at the 2014 “International E-Learning Awards” as runner-up in the “World’s Best e-Learning Portal” section.

The initiative is aimed at colleagues over the age of 50 who have high school diplomas. They are offered the opportunity to follow a Short Learning Program, an 8-10 week university course which enables them to integrate their professional experience with new digital skills. They can choose from around 20 courses which range from digital marketing to e-commerce, from digital legal tools to Data Protection, from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence. If they pass the final exam, they are entitled to credits for a university degree course.

Attention and care for people

Good health is above all a question of good habits, linked to diet, physical exercise, rest, the way we manage stress and how we interact with others. Some behaviors can reduce the risk of illness and help us to protect our mental health, giving us more energy and enabling us to work more effectively. For this reason, our Group developed a series of fully digital activities and webinars aimed at improving physical and mental wellbeing, including online yoga, Pilates and postural gymnastics courses that are open to all employees.

Furthermore, in Italy the “Benessere 360” (“360 degree Well-being”) program is designed to create greater awareness among colleagues regarding issues of health, diet, physical exercise and posture. It offers them online sessions with expert nutritionists and a series of short videos on how to improve their daily habits.

There are also workshops on dietary wellness to understand the psycho-physical causes of the more common disorders, as well as online meetings to learn about life-saving skills in the case of choking, and introductions to personal self-defence based on Krav Maga, a combat technique of Israeli origin. Not only that, there are workshops on Mindfulness, a form of self-awareness which, above all, helps us accept who we are and to exist in harmony with our thoughts and emotions. This is in addition to webinars on self-empowerment.

In 2018 we launched the initiative Face to face with the written word, a cycle of monthly encounters with contemporary writers from the Italian and international panoramas to promote dialogue on a variety of topics. They include the use of words as tools to understand and make ourselves better understood by others, storytelling as a feature of corporate work, and diversity as a way of enriching our vision of the world.

We also offer our staff a free listening and psychological support service that is anonymous and confidential. It’s available every day of the year and at any time. Through consultations with professional psychologists and psychotherapists we offer support for people’s private and professional lives. Finally, we also consider those about to retire: a team of experts is available to help flesh out those plans that are yet to be completed.

Caring for families and parents

Our caring activities also involve the families of our staff. All employees can take advantage of beginning work at 11 am in order to accompany their child on his or her first day of elementary school.

Through the course New Parents New Energy we help our staff apply the skills they develop through parenting to the working environment. We offer workshops on digital education and parent-child relationships, especially concerning teenagers, knowledge sharing between new parents and expectant mothers based on their experiences, observations and advice about the healthy and informed use of the internet and social media for all the family.

For mothers-to-be and parents of children aged up to three there is also the CHILD digital platform, which helps users capitalize on their own life experience at work through the MAAM method of learning to develop organizational, innovative and relationship skills.

For those who need to take care of an elderly or ill person, a cycle of meetings on the role of the caregiver is available to offer support and to develop greater awareness of and confidence in one’s own responsibilities, integrating these into professional life in a balanced way. The use of one’s own personal experience to develop soft skills is at the heart of the online pathway Master Care.

There are numerous initiatives to incentivize sustainable mobility among our employees. In some cities it is possible to enjoy a special discount on season tickets for public transport or public parking.

Organizational wellbeing

The company respects the standard “Family Audit,” a certification that recognizes organizations that respect the need to reconcile the work-life balance, organizational wellbeing and employee welfare.

In Italy, we also offer advantageous conditions compared with the national contracts, for instance relating to maternity leave (salaries for the first 5 months paid in full at 100% rather than the 80% required by law) and paternity leave (10 days of paid leave in addition to the 5 days required by law) as well as parental leave. Extra days are also made available in the case of the death of a family member.

The program MyWelfare enables employees to convert their bonuses into specific welfare products and services, taking advantage of a 20% subsidy and an additional increase of 15% applied by Enel.

We also offer services to support those with disabilities, such as accompaniment and a special app to reserve spaces or services on company premises. Then there are digital workshops on inclusive language for raising awareness about the use of words that are more respectful of diversity, with in-depth examinations of the particular themes of sexual orientation through theoretical and practical content. In 2019 we implemented the Policy against harassment in the workplace that underlines our commitment to creating a working environment in which people are treated with dignity, respect and decorum and that adopts preventative measures through training and awareness raising initiatives.

In June 2020 we also became partners of Parks – Liberi e uguali (Parks -  Free and Equal), an association set up to promote the values of non-discrimination which helps companies achieve their business potential through ensuring working environments that are more inclusive. Because a company that is capable of involving everybody and valuing diversity is a company that is richer, in every way.

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