Accensione Civica è Bologna. Light, sustainability, culture


The Enel Sole Smart lighting solutions are revolutionising public lighting in Bologna and helping to give new vitality to urban spaces with the Accensione Civica project

Rediscovering urban spaces, starting from light. A concept that has its roots in Humanism and the Renaissance, and comes down to us with innovative contemporary urban theories, including vertical woods and city spaces that take new forms and functions.

In Bologna, the public lighting modernisation plan, promoted by the City Council in 2014 and entrusted to Enel Sole, is giving impetus to a small revolution in urban spaces. As the LED street lamps of the Enel Energia company that specialises in smart lighting solutions are being turned on, also a number of initiatives for the enhancement of city areas and neighbourhoods are being born.

All thanks to Accensione civica è Bologna, a programme that is carried out with the collaboration of Enel Sole, and which until 16 October will liven up the areas affected by the new public lighting interventions.

A restyling project that in less than two years 298 incandescent street lamps have been replaced. By 2017, about 30,000 Enel Sole LED lamps will start working in Bologna, saving two thirds of the electricity consumed. The project will affect 75 percent of the city's public lighting infrastructure and, as stressed by the City Councillor for Economy and promotion Matteo Lepore, it represents an opportunity for regeneration and partnership with all citizens.

At the kick off the program of events, the Jazz Big Band Roveri the Giardini Margherita, which in the evening of 7 September celebrated the new lighting of the park. The next event is on Tuesday, September 20, starting at 20, with # Look at me-I am too Salvaciclisti of Bologna: a group ride starting at Piazza XX Settembre, addressing pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to raise their awareness on the issue of visibility and road safety during evening and night hours. It goes on on Friday, September 30, at 20, at the garden Pierfrancesco Lorusso, with La Fucina Incantata by Le Fucine Vulcaniche, for a show in which country music meets the narrative theatre. Camminar m'è dolce e salutare is the cultural walk Saturday, October 1 (from 18.30) in the area of ​​the Noci park with Borgo Alice, dedicated to the enhancement of the area’s botanical heritage. On October 2 at 19, the music starts again, with the choir Nativi Musicali, formed by students from different schools of the metropolitan area, who will perform in the Europa Unita garden on Via Faenza.

All events are organized by citizens' associations and were selected as part of the Accensione civica prize, sponsored by Enel Sole, Urban Center Bologna and City of Bologna, to give practical and organisational support to regeneration projects of urban spaces.