Beware of scams: Enel’s advice


The power company has developed a guide to defend oneself from requests of impostors

​For years, scammers have been trying to trick citizens posing as Enel agents. The company has thus developed a sort of handbook with some simple measures that can be crucial to guard against impostors. In the event that someone calls at our door presenting themselves as acting on behalf of Enel, it is essential to always ask for the identification card of all sales personnel of Enel Energia, the Group company that operates in the free market for electricity and gas, and of all technical staff of e-distribuzione, the Enel Group company that manages the electricity network. Enel remember that no form of collection or repayment of money is made at home: any request for money must be rejected and you should contact the authorities.

It may happen that the attempt to scam is carried out on the phone. If the voice on the other end of the line says to call on behalf of one of the Enel Group companies, to be safe it is sound advice to request the other party's name and identification number or serial number. The operators of telesales (telephone sales) Enel Energia call from the number 02-94320, while the customer care operators (customer service) of Enel Energia call from the numbers 06-87962, 02-91710 and 081-18762. It is important to keep in mind that in any case it is mandatory to change the contract: the customer is always free to decide whether to join or

Another scam consists in emails with misleading content sent from an address that is only apparently referring to an Enel Group company. In this case, you may occasionally receive a fake bill and be asked to pay arrears on the supply or to download an attachment by clicking a few links. We are then diverted to web pages in which we are asked to enter our personal information or download attachments that contain a computer virus that blocks the content of the PC. The goal is to then ask for a ransom to obtain the release of the PC, and decryption of data.

It is an attempt to act a scam similar to those often reported by other companies and financial institutions. If you believe you have received a suspicious email, you should not click the links within the text, to either open or download attachments. As a result of reported emails with deceptive content Enel, which is in constant contact with the competent authorities, has requested the closure of malicious sites and initiated all actions necessary for the protection of customers and Group companies.

To verify the authenticity of requests received or email, you can call the toll-free numbers 800900860 for Enel Energia or800900800 for Enel Servizio Elettrico or go to the nearest Enel point.

With regard to the checks of electric meters, e-distribuzione periodically performs the remote controls of measurement groups, to ensure proper operation. In some cases we need a meter verification on the spot through qualified staff: staff is always provided with a plastic card with photo and data essential for recognition. The operational teams of e-distribuzione intervene on the upstream network of meters up to the measuring unit itself, and not on private electrical systems inside houses. Even in these cases, all personnel working on site is not allowed to seek or accept payments from customers. Technicians from e-distribuzione are involved only on the meter and on the power grid (the gas network is not managed by Enel), and have all the tools necessary to carry out checks or interventions with them. If valuables - such as gold or silver were required - for such purposes, it would definitely be an impostor.