Energia d’autore, at the Enel Points in Turin the Campiello Opera Prima award 2016


In Turin the tour of meetings with the finalists and winners of the prestigious literary prize. Tomorrow night at the Enel Points in Corso Regina Margherita 267, Gesuino nemus

The Campiello Prize, a literary event created in 1962 at the initiative of the Venetian industrials, continues to be a source of energy and cultural renewal for our country, since the first edition won by Primo Levi. Tthe Enel Group is again this year alongside the Il Campiello Foundation for the organization of the event and the Energia d’autore tour, promoted with the support of Enel Energia.

A series of events that, since last July, have seen and will see the finalists and winners of the 54th edition of the Premio Campiello meet the public at various Enel Points throughout the country.

The next city where the tour is planned, the third one, in Turin, tomorrow, September 28, at 19, at the Enel Point in Corso Regina Margherita 267. At the centre, as in the two previous appointments in Verona and Bologna, the winner of the Campiello section Opera Prima, Gesuino Nemus, pseudonym of Matteo Locci, the original 58 year old writer from Jerzu a small town in Ogliastra (province of Nuoro).

The Campiello jury awarded to Nemus (which in Sardinian means none) the recognition established in 2004 to give visibility to literary debut writers, for the novel "The Boar Theology", published by Elliot. The reason for the prize was in particular the richness of language, and the many influences with  Sardinian (a Romance language recognized among the group of the European Romance languages), and "the very skilful orchestration, which manages to keep the tension. With an unexpected end".

At Enel Point in Turin the author will dialogue with Chiara Fenoglio, a scholar of Italian literature, collaborator of La Lettura, the cultural supplement of the Corriere della Sera, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Turin, Department of Literary and Philological Science. An opportunity for lovers of literature to find out in depth directly from the author, the long genesis of the novel, set entirely in Sardinia and focused on the story, with mistery shades, of two children who on July 20, 1969, the day of the first landing on the moon, witnessed tragic events.

The Energia d’autore meetings were conceived in collaboration with our Group to reaffirm the spirit that 54 years ago inspired the Industrialists in Veneto to set up the Campiello Prize: one of the few success stories in Italy of tangible and strategic connection between the business and cultural worlds.

The next Energia d’autore meeting is scheduled for October 6 at the Enel Point in Salerno, the guest will be the winner of the Campiello Prize 2016, Simona Vinci, author of "The first truth". Learn more about the event on www.enel.it.