Resilient sustainable and smart cities. Starting from mobility


At the Assembly of ANCI in Bari, the contribution of Enel to bring innovation and development, starting with electric mobility. A memorandum of understanding was signed to increase the capacity of municipalities to manage emergencies

Working alongside mayors and local institutions in order to create a sustainable growth path for Italian cities, based on innovative services, security and creation of shared value.

This is, in summary, the development model brought by Enel to the XXXIII Assembly of ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, which took place recently in Bari.

Speaking at the round table "Common Agenda for development: proposals of enterprises", Carlo Tamburi, Director of Enel Italy, recalled the close relationship that binds the company to the territory and strategic sectors on which it is aiming to bring innovation in urban areas: infrastructure for broadband connection, smart electricity networks, charging network for electric cars.
"The laying of the fiber optically - emphasised Tamburi - will bring investment, jobs, innovation, connectivity for efficiency for public administrations and enterprises". A project, that of ultra broadband, which joins the on for the replacement of meters that have been the technology that has enabled the spread of renewables and that now will pushes energy efficiency, transforming the relationship between families, businesses and energy consumption .

Last, but crucial, the crux of sustainable mobility: "We believe very much in electric mobility - stressed Tamburi - especially for the creation of charging infrastructure. Soon we will present a study that we made with the Politecnico di Milano which aims to make it clear that the issue of charging electric vehicles can easily be overcome with reasonable costs. It should not be an alibi to the development of sustainable mobility".

Enel aims in fact to achieve a wide charging network for electric cars both in urban areas and in suburban ones to enable the use of e-cars even on long journeys. The creation of a widespread electrical supply network, observed Tamburi, goes hand in hand with the development of new batteries, as seen at the Paris Motor Show these days, where the big European car manufacturers e presented several electric models that can travel 400 kilometers autonomously.

Also on the subject of sustainability, safety and cooperation with municipalities, at the ANCI Assembly, of which Enel is also the main sponsor, Tamburi signed with Enzo Bianco, mayor of Catania and President of ANCI National Council, a protocol to increase the awareness of Italian institutions and operators aimed to make Italian cities more resilient, and therefore better able to respond to emergencies, making experiences and skills available to them.

With this agreement our company and ANCI want to stimulate the adhesion of the Italian cities to the campaign of the United Nations "Making cities resilient", looking to mayors as an important decision-making center in the area and the engine for the implementation of prevention plans and emergency management .
October 13 was the World Day of Resilience promoted by the United Nations, according to which since 2000 the number of urban dwellers has increased tenfold. In 2025 one in five people will live in megacities. To cope with this phenomenon and to prevent the effects of natural disasters, governments around the world are making efforts to promote a resilient urban model.

ANCI has always been at the forefront with the local authorities to prevent the risk of natural disasters and believes in the role of communication between administrators, security system, citizens and businesses. The same applies to Enel, which is ready to field its own experience on the subject, also as a member of the Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) of the United Nations of which it is Vice President

"To promote the culture of safety - said Tamburi - is one of the founding values ​​of Enel. This Protocol is intended to implement the exchange of experiences and expertise in risk prevention and more generally for the management of the civil protection system. ANCI has an important role in this project. Enel wants to make available international experience of resilience by introducing the 'best practices' we perform as members of ARISE for the United Nations ".