The smart energy that helps companies


Enel Energia’s smart energy solutions. Technologies for efficiency, savings and the environment service everyday work. From LED lights to devices to self-generate power and services for electric mobility

 Better lighting of working environments, reducing costs and consumption, powering everyday work with clean energy, offering employees electric mobility services. Enel Energia makes available to Italian businesses a long list of solutions aimed to become sustainable companies, improve management and increase competitiveness.

From photovoltaic panels for energy self-production to the instrumentation and automation of submetering and LED to light workplaces, Enel Energia’s smart energy solutions for Italian companies are included in a long list of offers and technologies that provide efficiency, savings and environmental protection to service everyday work.

Ogni strumento, infrastruttura e soluzione tecnologica viene offerta alle imprese con l'attenzione al dettaglio e un modello di intervento che include sopralluogo, studio per l'applicazione su misura, installazione e collaudo

Every instrument, infrastructure and technology solution is offered to businesses with attention to details and a model for interventions that includes site inspection, studies for tailored application, installation and testing

Controlling consumption and improving energy efficiency are becoming increasingly frequent targets for companies, which Enel also supports with integrated and tailor made services. Thanks to the energy audit, for example, companies can analyse energy usage and consumption according to a defined methodology, in order to identify measures to improve the energy performance. The service includes the installation of monitoring systems and consumption measurement, energy audits, feasibility studies, monitoring and planning of interventions, at all levels, even allowing customers to obtain the recognition of energy efficiency certificates.

Electric mobility is also, since long and stably, a service for companies. Full-featured turnkey solutions, designed for the different needs of big customers and small businesses, provide employees of companies who choose Enel Energia the opportunity to drive with zero emissions both for their own private and professional use.

Enel’s services for Italian companies also include the possibility to use or self-produce renewable energy, which is environmentally friendly and efficient for everyday work.

Thanks to the sale of thermal and electrical energy produced with so-called Efficient Utility Systems, companies can power their daily activities with distributed generation solutions using distributed generation solutions based on cogeneration and trigeneration plants and processes.

The assistance and the ability to meet customers’ diversified needs are the last and most innovative element of the services offered to companies and businesses. Plant maintenance, energy analysis, performance monitoring and fault repair are part of a new way of conceiving and implementing the assistance in which Enel Energia becomes a single reference that provides savings in various ways from costs, to consumption, time and bureaucracy.