Energy Zone, the well-being of skiing on the Cimone


The new year begins full of good energy, available soon at the new Energy Zone of the Cimone winter station: a multifunctional space equipped by Enel Energia at Sestola (Modena), for all those who ski on the slopes in the heart of the Apennines.

The wooden platform installed at Piazzale del Lupo will offer several relaxing spots for sunbathing, three recharge stations for smartphones. There will also be a stage where, at 2.30 p.m. on January 7, the 20 members of the Marakatimba Band - born in 2006 in Bologna - will play its Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and funky sounds. Ice and snow on one side, hot carnival sounds on the other, this original mix shows the spirit of sharing and coexistence that characterises this band.  

In addition, close to the Energy Zone – a wintertime meeting place – there will be a dining area where hot chocolate, vin brulé and sweets will regenerate skiers, so they can calmly enjoy the breaks between one run and the other. 

The 50 kilometres of slopes on the Cimone have become the reference point for a wide range of customers also from outside Emilia Romagna, from Tuscany and Marche, with almost 180,000 ski-passes per season and peaks of 2,000 visitors in the summer. This is the ideal place to understand to what extent an efficient use of energy can produce benefits not only for individuals, but also for the community.

Whether the issue is discounts or economic benefits of the EnelMia, card, the assistance provided by Enel TuttoOk for the maintenance of boilers or electric home appliances, or e-go All inclusive services for electric mobility, the Energy Zone at Cimone will have an answer ready for every question.