Terminal 1, emissions zero


Enel and Nissan have landed at Fiumicino, but not on a plane nor on its runways, but by car, directly inside terminal 1, an event occurred on January 17 that is expected to enter the Guinness of Records. In fact, for the first time an airport will be equipped with a full-electric car for commercial use - specifically a Nissan LEAF, the world’s bestselling model, with 250,000 units - to transport passengers inside a terminal. This is possible thanks to the features of this vehicle, which produces neither noise nor exhaust emissions.  

The aim of the joint initiative by Aeroporti di Roma, Nissan and Enel – which has been a technological partner of the Japanese automotive company for some time – is to improve the life of the more than three million travellers who transit monthly at Fiumicino: anyone can require this free service. Its other purpose is to allow passengers to experience personally the benefits of electric mobility and learn about it through the multimedia information strategically installed along the 1,2 kms between B and gate C, where the LEAF will travel. An awareness-raising action that is important both for Nissan and for Enel.

Enel’s Head of Market Italy Nicola Lanzetta: “We firmly believe that electric cars are the future of mobility. Innovation occurs only if someone takes the risk of disrupting the rules and taking new paths.  We are doing this with Nissan, because we consider that the results of this partnership will greatly stimulate the market and will produce huge benefits for Italy, with an improvement of air quality that could be extremely quick. This kind of initiative is aimed at showing people that electric vehicles are now a reality”.

In fact, the integrated electric mobility deal launched by Enel Energia - called e-go All Inclusive - has managed to give an unprecedented boost to Italy’s electric car market in just a few months. The offer - the world's first of its kind presented by an electric utility - includes the purchase of a LEAF, the turnkey installation of a home charging station and the handy e-go app that allows users to locate all  charging stations throughout the country, all in a single monthly fee.

Nissan Italy CEO Bruno Mattucci: "Thanks to this partnership with Enel, electric mobility in Italy is achieving huge advances. In a few months we will begin our joint initiative, consisting in the installation of 180 charging stations along the A1 motorway, which will allow electric cars to travel from one end to the other of most of Italy ".

But that’s not all. Transit passengers at Terminal 1 can also walk on a special kinetic carpet that will turn their motion into energy. This will be used to freely power a Nissan LEAF (sold on loan until March 2017 at the NPO Pharmaceutical Bank of Rome), which will deliver the drugs collected from donations to the needy, without any noise or pollution.