A more emotional Enel Cuore


Inside of Enel, attaining the soul of its projects, the ideas of those who created them, the emotions of those who play a role in them. The new website of Enel Cuore, the Group’s non-profit organisation that supports the third sector, marks a further step in the Open Power philosophy: opening up to people, partners and, naturally, the technology that is essential to navigate and understand an increasingly interconnected world.

On the homepage of www.enelcuore.it visitors find, starting from yesterday, a number of boxes that allow them to read at a glance the association’s news and most recent stories: School making, the Never Alone call, the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Now they will not need to dwell on the reading: images, graphics and colours help recognise content, optimising reading times. A quick, easy, intuitive website, in line with the Group’s new digital identity and with the sensitivity of present times: because the best way to help in the digital scenario is achieved by creating navigation maps that are easy to remember. But above all, capable of guiding us exactly where we want to go.

Now that the era of the website-brochure and the “silos” portal-container architecture is over, everything revolves around the user experience. Features also found in the other group websites, which only two years ago were almost 200, but today continue to move steadily forward in the standardisation process. The user remains at the centre, together with a storytelling that will not only lead to the heart of the news, but will also help people experience the related emotions. Today, on the internet Enel is an open platform, accessible from any mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets), a real digital ecosystem.

The new Enel Cuore website is no exception and, as such, it becomes a source of inspiration, because it can bring close to life models centered on attention to others, collaboration, diversity and inclusion. Enel Cuore, emotions to be experienced.