Enel brings electric mobility to Taormina G7 Summit


Mobility is entering a more sustainable and efficient era. The maturity of electricity storage technologies, the ever greater spread of renewable energy sources and smart distribution networks, in addition to the goals set by the challenge of climate change, are transforming the electric car into the mobility of the new millennium.

Enel is leveraging “Open Power” approach, where innovation and sustainability are key pillars of the Group and its business, to play a leading role in e-mobility.

For this reason, Enel is present at the Taormina G7 summit meeting with two initiatives in the field of electric mobility: first, the company has installed 15 stations to recharge the small electric vehicles used in the historic centre of the Sicilian city.

In addition, in Taormina’s square “Piazza 9 Aprile”, Enel is presenting its innovative Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology that enables electric cars to send the power that they are not using to the grid. Visitors and participants in the G7 meeting have an opportunity to see how the Nissan Leaf connected to Enel's V2G column returns its stored and unused power by lighting up an LED wall.

Thanks to the V2G charging system, e-cars can play a key role in the electrical system. Not only are they charged with the power they need to move, but they also become grid-connected storage systems. When parked, cars are available to balance the grid by returning unused power where and when it is needed. V2G technology therefore contributes to the development of electric mobility and non-programmable energy flows, i.e. the power produced from renewable sources, which now have a solution for storage and use. The technology benefits the electrical system, the environment and car owners, who put their vehicle at the service of the grid. For the first time in the world, Enel and Nissan are testing the operation of the V2G system with more than 80 chargers installed in Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.