BASE ALD, e-mobility is an experience


Electric mobility has a new gateway in Italy: Monza. The historic capital city of Formula1 looks ahead and opens the first multi-service centre dedicated entirely to the world of e-cars at No. 36 of Via Campania. It is called BASE ALD, and was opened on 12 June thanks to the collaboration between Enel's electrical technology and ALD Automotive, a French company specializing in mobility services.

It hosts the 8 main e-car models on the market today - until the end of June available for a test drive - with Enel charging columns and box stations, plus digital corners and bar areas for reading and relax, as well as specialised consultants.

It is much more than a simple dealership: BASE ALD is an experience point where people can have a tangible experience of the entire mobility cycle. Monza is just the beginning, because in the early months of 2018 other openings are planned in northern and central Italy.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony also saw the participation of Francesco Venturini, Director of Enel’s new Global e-Solutions Division, and Andrea Badolati, CEO of ALD Automotive.

As Venturini stated, “The partnership between Enel and ALD Automotive allows us to combine the advantages and the ease of use of electric vehicles with the flexibility of rental service solutions, making the everyday use of e-cars increasingly more accessible to everyone. We are reinventing ourselves together to adapt to the world of tomorrow: an investment in change that will start to make a difference on the Italian market starting already from next autumn.”

Thanks to the e-mobility package developed by Enel and ALD Automotive, the availability of an electric car, complete technical assistance in terms of inspection and installation of charging stations at home or on company premises plus a whole series of economic benefits such as free access to limited traffic zones in many Italian cities, no road tax, free parking in blue parking areas and immediate replacement of the car in the event of technical problems or accidents are all included in the monthly fee.

There are three different options available.

E-GO Ricaricar allows you to choose the electric vehicle and the amount of kilometres to meet your needs, recharging them from time to time through the dedicated app.

E-GO Ricaricar + Enel Box Station includes the installation of the Box Station in the monthly fee so that you can recharge your car directly at the most convenient point.

E-GO Ricaricar + Enel Pole Station provides for the purchase and installation of a column that can recharge two vehicles at the same time.

Those who need an electric car for longer periods can choose the E-GO long-term rental solution choosing only the car or even the type of charging support, while the E-GO Car Sharing solution has been created for the world of business. It too includes the possibility of installing differentiated charging stations.