Enel reopens its doors of energy


September 10 marks the launch of the new flight of the successful Enel corporate advertising campaign, titled “Door”, where the doors of energy are not simply opened with a mere gesture: they are thresholds of light that project us toward new and unexplored worlds of cutting-edge services and technological innovation to be discovered together.

Charging columns for e-cars, apps to facilitate home automation, and storage systems thanks to which a sunny day can make your house become a small power plant. Or a former power plant that opens its door to a different use of its spaces, when original ideas are put in circulation to adapt it to the changes of our time. And then, ever faster digital communication platforms, grids, connections, and electric mobility.

The new uses of energy open up a world to experience together” is the slogan of the campaign, which focuses on the evolution of Open Power through the conceptual and visual format of the Open Door.

Realized by the two French directors of We Are From LA for Filmaster Productions who have worked on music videos like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” or ads produced for Air France, MTV and Eastpack, the spot stresses the concept of Enel’s commitment as an innovative company open to a new dimension of energy.