The energy of the future is “light”


Digitalisation, renewables, electric mobility. “Light” energy will be the guiding theme of the 11th edition of the Festival dell’Energia, scheduled for 7 June in Rome (at the Palazzo Fiano) and 8-9 June in Milan (at the Palazzo della Triennale).

The announcement was made by the Festival’s President Alessandro Beulcke, during the 9 April press conference at Milan’s Palazzo Marino (the City Hall) where Enel was represented by Nicola Lanzetta, Head of the Italian Market.

Enel will once again support the Festival, which is the most important of its kind in Italy. It will present the transformations of energy with a language that is both new and highly accessible, and in line with the Enel’s Open Power vision.

The Festival in Rome includes two institutional appointments: the first is the opening conference on “Electricity and natural gas energy for a revolutionary model: smart, integrated, distributed and digitalised,which will also feature the presentation of the SWG Research Institute study “Smart consumers in the energy market.” The second is a meeting about the role of utility providers in security, environmental sustainability and consumer approach.

Milan will then host “leading talks” on 8-9 June. These will feature international influencers such as Sarwant Singh, an expert in mobility and megatrends, and working groups covering such themes as resilience, energy transition and digitalisation.

There will also be an award ceremony for the first “Leonardo Maugeri” scholarship, in which the Rector of the Milan’s Polytechnic University will commemorate the energy expert and manager who sadly died last summer.

On the last day of the Festival, the photographic exhibition “Energia da Vendere” (literally, “Energy to Sell”) by Marco Garofalo, curated by Matteo Leonardi, will be open to the public. This exhibition explores the present difficulties in accessing energy in Africa where Enel has long been involved in projects to promote renewables.