The e-Mobility Revolution comes to Genoa


Congratulations and many happy returns, 100 to be precise. The first of 100 quick recharging columns due to be installed in Genoa by Enel X for the end of 2018 was inaugurated in the city on 20 June.

The activation ceremony took place in the GREAT Campus - Erzelli, the site of Italy’s largest Science and Technology Park. Furthermore, thanks to the active collaboration with ALD Automotive, our division dedicated to digital products and services announced the offer E-go Long term Leasing for current and former staff of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), with which we have been collaborating since 2016 in the quest for innovative solutions for sustainable mobility.

The IIT staff will be able to select their favourite e-car complete with all of the management services included in one single package. To promote corporate electric car sharing, however, the MOV-E project was launched in partnership with Enel and Nissan in 2017.

Attending the ceremony was Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, who observed that “electric mobility is proving to be a successful tool all over the country and in particular in its main urban centres. We are extremely satisfied to present the memorandum of understanding we have signed with the Genoa Municipal Council, as the city is a strategic part of our National Plan to install electric charging infrastructure.”

Enel X will be installing 7 thousand charging columns in Italy by 2020 and this number will rise to 14 thousand in 2022. Genoa is the first large metropolitan city to have signed up to the launch of the installation of 100 planned stations in addition to the Eva+ charging station activated at the city airport at the end of 2017. The charging columns will be positioned in seven different areas: in the historic centre, to the east of the centre, along the coast to the east, in the central west part of Genoa, and along the coast to the west, as well as in the areas of Val Bisagno and Val Polcevera.

For Marco Bucci, the city’s mayor, the goal is the complete elimination of polluting emissions, in particular fine particle emissions, as well as the noise pollution caused by internal combustion engines. This will enable Genoa to become the leading city in the Mediterranean, as it was in the past. Electric mobility, in fact, brings significant environmental, health and economic benefits.

Thanks to Enel, the city that is home to one of the world’s tallest lighthouses, will continue to be a beacon illuminating the future of the e-Mobility Revolution in Italy.