Onlife, everyday energy


The energy transition is not just a way of combating climate change: it is also becoming an increasingly important part of people’s lives. This transitional phase and the fact that consumers are once again playing a pivotal role were  the subjects at the heart of the 12th Energy Festival, which was staged in Milan from June 13 to 15 under the banner “Onlife Energy: abitare, muoversi, lavorare” (Onlife Energy: living, moving, working).

Day one of the Festival began with the public assembly of Elettricità Futura (“Future Electricity”), the leading Italian electricity representative association, which was addressed by chairman Simone Mori, who is also our Group’s Head of Europe and Euro-Mediterranean Affairs. He highlighted two major and very current phenomena: the growing penetration of renewables and electricity’s increasing share of overall energy consumption.

The meeting, which dealt with the key themes of the energy market, was split into several different panel discussions, including one on “I trend tecnologici e di mercato: innovazione (Technological and market trends: innovation). Taking part in the latter was Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italy, a division that was launched in order to accelerate and support the energy transition through smart and technologically innovative solutions. Torelli examined some of the priority areas, first and foremost e-mobility in which we now play a leadership role, thanks to our Charging Infrastructure National Plan. We will be flanking this with a commitment to equipping private businesses with infrastructure, not least dealers and manufacturers. This is one way of helping to further promote the e-mobility that is required to ensure that sustainable transportation becomes widespread on a large scale.

With regard to sustainable energy production, Torelli explained that we are focusing on generation from renewable sources and on Demand Response services to encourage grid balancing.

During the course of the panel discussion, one of the fathers of Italian environmentalism, Gianni Silvestrini, who is also scientific director of the Kyoto Club, described our Group as a reference point and a driver on an international level, reminding those present of our ambitious decarbonisation goals.

Enel representatives played a broad-ranging role in the Festival, taking part in conferences, talks and workshops, and bringing their experience and strategies to the mix together with leading energy players, institutional representatives and academics. This spanned everything from Deputy Director of the Enel Foundation Joao Duarte’s analysis of the energy communities to Enel X’s Head of Market, Analysis and Competitors Emanuela Sartori’s new vision of renewables, Valentino Angeletti’s description of our circular economy best practices and the e-car charging experience, which was discussed by Stefania Ceccariglia, Enel X’s Head of Communications.