The Ambrosetti Forum: 45th edition to focus on sustainability and the energy transition in Europe


Sustainability, today’s economic challenges, the outlook for the future: these are some of the topics that will be examined in depth during the annual appointment of the now consolidated event in Cernobbio, The European House-Ambrosetti Forum.

From 6 to 8 September more than 200 participants, including internationally renowned economists, experts, representatives of institutions and industries, academics and scientists, will come together at Villa d’Este to discuss the main topics at the centre of current political and economic debate.

Scenarios for competitive strategies today and tomorrow” is the title of the event, which will include the presentation of 10 studies and analyses curated by The European House-Ambrosetti. These will include the study “Just E-volution 2030”, which was compiled in collaboration with Enel and Enel Foundation in the role of scientific partner.

The research analyses the scenarios and the opportunities for the energy transition in Europe until 2030, with the focus on Italy, Spain and Romania, and will present the recommendations to decision-makers for optimising the benefits, highlighting the enormous potential in terms of sustainability and lasting economic development. The results of the study will be presented on 6 September during a press conference at Villa d’Este, which will include a speech by our CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace, and the Managing Partner & CEO of The European House-Ambrosetti, Valerio De Molli. Also attending the conference will be Enel President Patrizia Grieco.

On 6 September the Forum schedule includes a panel discussion on the global challenges of the future, a debate on the economic climate involving the world’s most influential economists, as well as an in-depth look at the latest scientific and technological developments. As part of the Peres Heritage Initiative, which was created in honour of Shimon Peres, prizes will be awarded to three individuals aged under 35 who will be acknowledged for having made the world a better place.

The discussions will continue on 7 September with a debate on the most contemporary issues concerning the European Union. It will commence with a message from the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella and will include a panel discussion on social challenges, an update on the current Brexit situation and a talk on sustainability by Michael Kurtyka, Poland’s Minister for the Environment and Energy, and President of COP24. It will conclude with a glance at the United States and a speech by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Finally, the day of 8 September will be dedicated to the agenda for Italy with in-depth analysis of different regions, justice, local and national government, competitiveness and economic and financial growth.