We prepare people and companies for their journey towards the energy transition


Betting on renewables by converting energy production from fossil fuels is a cornerstone of the energy transition. And, if this transition is to be equitable and just for everyone, then it must first and foremost benefit people. This is a commitment that impacts the relationship we build with local communities, and this year we are expressing that commitment through the Up4Education training program. 

The professional training course for photovoltaic panel installation technicians, which is for people currently working in the thermoelectric industry and related fields in Civitavecchia and Montalto, is one of the initiatives within this broad program. In collaboration with service provider CNA Sostenibile, the project is part of a retraining track that’s open to local companies, and aims to offer basic training to personnel who can be employed at the construction sites where photovoltaic solar panels will be built. 

The 44-hour course, which is scheduled to repeat for 10 editions, includes theoretical education modules and a series of practical exercises on ground-mounted and elevated plants at Enel’s Torrevaldaliga Nord Plant, in Civitavecchia. At the end of the course, an exam will ascertain whether those taking part have the knowledge and operative skills required for this specific professional profile.

“The training course for photovoltaic panel installers offered by Enel is one of the first of its kind in Italy. Together with partnering companies, we were happy to welcome this professional retraining program, which is designed to meet the needs of the job market,” the representatives of Unindustria, Federlazio, Legacoop and CAN declared.

“With the course for photovoltaic panel installers, we wished to make a tangible contribution to help employees and companies in Northern Lazio gain the skills they need to manage the current transition process, which entails an increasingly intense development of green plants,” explained Angelica Carnelos, our Head of Public Affairs Central Italy. 

The project ties in with Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 8 of the 2030 Agenda defined by the United Nations (Decent work and economic growth), which brings together professional training, employment and economic development.