Civitavecchia: training for photovoltaic panel installers is successfully completed at Torrevaldaliga Nord


A total of 10 editions and 480 hours of training for 120 people in Civitavecchia. These are the numbers behind the training program for photovoltaic panel installation technicians completed thanks to the strong synergy between Enel, employer associations, the Municipality and local companies.

The project was designed to retrain workers in the Civitavecchia and Montalto di Castro energy industry, and clearly spurred companies to pivot to the business of renewables, within Northern Lazio’s current energy transition journey.

The certificates were awarded at the Torrevaldaliga Nord Plant training hub. Its Director Carlo Ardu opened proceedings with some words of welcome, while our Head of Institutional Affairs Lazio, Pierpaolo Ventura, presented all the details about how the project began and developed, in partnership with local employer associations and the Municipality. Piera Savino from Sostenibilità Italia explained how the initiative fits in a wider training program that supports the energy transition, contributing to the achievement of the UN’s 2030 Agenda goals.

Ernesto Allegrini from CNA Sostenibile, the organization that ran the course, focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of training, highlighting the high level of satisfaction of those taking part.  

Furthermore, four representatives from employer associations spoke at the event: Luigia Melaragni from CNA, Andrea Aprile from Unindustria, Massimo Pelosi from Legacoop and Marco Caranzetti from Federlazio. Councilor Cinzia Napoli extended greetings from the Municipality.  

The training program for photovoltaic panel installation technicians – one of the very first of its kind in Italy – was made possible by an agreement between Enel and Unindustria Civitavecchia, Federlazio, CNA Viterbo e Civitavecchia, and Legacoop Lazio. It defined the criteria for selecting the 120 people taking part, including workers from 17 local companies and unemployed individuals chosen by the Municipality. The training activities were carried out in collaboration with CNA Sostenibile, an organization accredited by the Lazio Region entrusted with designing, organizing and setting up the educational construction site, as well as managing and teaching the 10 courses.

The program supported the ongoing energy transition as well as companies’ pivoting process, offering initial training to personnel who can be employed in construction sites to build photovoltaic panels. The theoretical training modules were taught remotely, and analyzed legal-regulatory aspects, as well as issues regarding sustainable technologies, processes and construction sites. Students then received training in person at the educational site set up at the Torrevaldaliga Nord Plant in Civitavecchia. The course covered all technical aspects, with practical exercises on both ground-level and elevated systems.

The project refers to SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) 8 of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda (“Decent work and economic growth”), which combines vocational training with employment and economic development.