Our tangible support for Emilia-Romagna


We are standing with the people of Emilia-Romagna, which is undergoing a complex rebuilding effort after flooding that severely damaged the region, by offering tangible support in the form of a fundraising campaign. The fundraiser, which has come to completion, was promoted among the Group’s colleagues in Italy to support the Emilia-Romagna Civil Protection Department, which has been working hard to restore normality to the communities and territories most impacted by the disaster.

The initiative together with a contribution from Enel Cuore Onlus raised the sum of 1 million euros, which will be devoted to supporting specific projects selected by the regional Civil Protection office in order to rebuild the areas most damaged by last May’s floods.

In fact, all our colleagues’ participation in the solidarity initiative “Donate an hour of your work” was great. It was many small gestures that together yielded a great result, confirming the principles of solidarity and unity on which our Group is founded. 

From the start of the emergency we were active participants on the frontlines with a taskforce working directly on the ground. In just a few days, the taskforce was able to return power to 55,000 users, provide more than 170 generators, rebuild 4 primary and 300 secondary substations, and fix more than 100 km of medium voltage lines as well as 10,000 electricity meters. The taskforce also mitigated the consequences of the bad weather on power service by working in close contact with local institutions, regional government and regional and national Civil Protection Departments.