A new kickoff


Simplicity takes the field in an exciting new match tied to Italy’s most beloved and popular sport, which combines electrification and sustainability. Passion, determination and teamwork: beginning this year, soccer will have even more energy thanks to our commitment. In fact, starting today, we are the Official Energy Partner of four of the top teams in the Serie A League championship. We will be by their side with our experience, both on and off the field, offering products, services and solutions to make the process of electrification more efficient and simpler for all those who love soccer (fans, teams and partners), in order to accelerate the energy transition.

From the first day of the championship, our brand will make its appearance in the stadiums with LED lighting on the sidelines, on the mega screens, and on the backdrops used for pre- and post-game interviews.

This partnership will offer our stakeholders, clients and colleagues, together with their families, the opportunity to feel all the excitement of a Series A match, enjoy new experiences and get a chance to support their favorite players.

Sustainability, perseverance in achieving goals, and people’s wellbeing aren’t just values that are important for sports, but also the values we apply in our daily work and that, starting today, we will bring to some of the most important stadiums of Serie A.