The new name for Erga, the Enel group's renewable energy company
Rome, January 22, 2002 - With the coming of the new year, Erga, the Enel group company which is the world leader in the production of energy from renewable energy sources, has changed its name to Enel GreenPower. Announcing the name change, Paolo Pietrogrande, the company's chief executive, explained the choice: “Enel GreenPower makes it explicit that we are a part of the Enel group explicit, indicates what we do, green energy, that is, from renewable sources, and it's in English because we are an international group with over 300 colleagues that speak English as their first language (CHI Energy in the United States), or French (CHI Energy in Quebec, in Canada) or Spanish (EGI in Costarica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Chile)”. Enel GreenPower SpA is the Enel group company which is the world leader in the production of electrical energy exclusively from renewable sources. With headquarters in Pisa, Enel GreenPower and its subsidiaries CHI Energy, headquartered in Stamford (CT-USA) and EGI, with headquarters in Costa Rica, operate over 400 power plants in Italy, North America and Latin America for a total installed capacity of over 2,500 MW, exclusively produced by geo-thermal, hydro-electric, wind-driven, photovoltaic and biomass plants. Enel GreenPower also offers a vast range of services to industry through its workshops, laboratories, drilling and engineering.

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