The agreement includes the transfer of about 2,200 customers to the multi-utility. AEM will also receive the high voltage network. The value of the operation is around 9 million euro.
Cremona, March 22, 2002 - Enel and the municipal energy company of Cremona have reached an agreement for the sale to the municipal utility of Enel's urban electricity network. The operation, of a value of around 9 million euro, was carried out by the municipal utility in accordance with legislative decree no. 76 of March 16, 1999 (the Bersani Decree). AEM Cremona will obtain around 2,200 new customers in the zones of Cavatigozzi, Gerre Borghi, Battaglione and Migliaro. The new customers' annual consumption is around 234 GWh. The agreement also includes the transfer of the high voltage urban grid, as well as the medium and low voltage grids (around 120 Km in total). With this operation, AEM has aggregated the entire distribution structure of the Cremona municipal territories, definitively consolidating its role as the area's energy services manager. For further information: Enel Press Office 06 - 85095699 AEM Comunications 0372-418208-281

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