Rome, May 6 – 10, 2002 – Enel.it, the company which manages the computer activities of the Enel Group, is a participant at Forum PA 2002 – (Fiera di Roma, May 6 to 10), an annual appointment created to promote direct and effective interaction between the Public Administration, companies and the general public on the themes of service quality, effectiveness of public policy implementation, through displays and an exhibition area. The Group's investment in the ICT sector allow us today to guarantee high profile solutions in the new technology Internet sector and in advanced systems applications. The experience developed in the utility sector, a synonym for reliability in the management of complex systems and large numbers, makes ENEL.IT an ideal strategic for the Public Administration, committted to change and called upon to supply - to both the general public and companies - services which are always more accessible and capillary. As well an exhibition space which is rich in innovative proposals, stand 23/C, padiglione 23, Enel.it is participating in the exhibition with a program of meetings and conferences on themes that include front-end issues, electronic signatures, broad band, long-distance learning, the information society and on-line procurement systems. Enel.it program of events and presentations: Tuesday 7/5/2002 at 15:00 2/a.4 Front-end multi-channel systems for the delivery of services and access instruments (web, GSM, third party networks, single sales point, call center, personalized communication possibilities). “Contact Center: The multi-channel offer to clients” speaker: Walter Caimi Thursday 9/5/2002 at 09:30 2/a.5 Instruments for authentication and access to services: CNS, CIE, certified electronic signature cards “The role of electronic signature cards within corporations: the Enel Group case study”. Speaker: Francesco Perna Friday 10/5/2002 at 09:30 2/a.1 The development of the Information Society in Italy (broad band, digital services, e-commerce) “Enel.it and its experience in e-business”. Speaker: Antonello Buondonno Friday 10/5/2002 at 15:00 2/a.13 E-Learning and advanced training instruments in the Public Administrations “Enel.it's solutions for satellite broad band”. Speaker: Roberto Maddaloni Friday 10/5/2002 at 15:00 S.4 Purchasing and E-Procurement in the health sector “Enel.it's experience E-procurement solutions and services” Speaker: Antonello Buondonno TABLE OF INFORMATION ENEL.IT's offer for the Public Administration: ¿ e-services In the field of services to the general public, Enel.it offers solutions via its single multi-service Web window: the on-line outlet system has already been created for one of the Enel Group companies and is active for 29 million clients. ¿ e-tv & e-learning These are the Enel.it solutions for internal communications and long-distance training. E-tv offers integrated, flexible, capillary and effective company communication, the quite typical corporate commnication needs. The long-distance training system is developed for the supply of diverse training products: web-based online courses for self-training and virtual classroom classes, collaborative services such as tutoring, forums, FAQ, infonews. ¿ Integrated Document Management Enel.it proposes to create an integrated document platform for the Public Administration, able to satisfy the principal requirements of process automation and document flows, based on Filenet technology ¿ Communal Computer System For the complete integration of all processes , Enel.it offers a solution to satisfy the needs and cover all the responsibilites of Local Government bodies. ¿ e-security Enel.it, a qualified Certification Authority, offers its skills in the context of computer security based on a public key infrastructure (PKI) for the protection of work stations and the creation of private virtual networks. As well, it supplies ciphering, strong authentication, and digital signature services for internet/intranet environments, e-mail and ERP systems in a single platform. ¿ e-procurement Enel.it's intelligent system for the computerized managements of company catalogues, acquisition procedures which guarantee competitiveness and economy.

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