Rome, May 6-10, 2002 – Sfera, the Enel group company that deals in training processes and the valorization of human resources, is present at the 13th edition of Forum P.A, which will take place at the la Fiera di Roma from May 6 to 10. Forum P.A. 2002 comes at a particularly important moment for the Public Administration which is going through a process of substantial change, as called for the federalist reform of the State. In this context, Sfera will display its offer of content, certificates from Universities and prestigious international training Institutes, characterized by a personalized teaching approach and the use of an advanced technological platform. The themes of the 2002 edition includes the themes of federalism, e-government as a strategic factor of change, the digital-ization of the Public Administration, the training and management of human resources, public communication and the quality of sanitary conditions. Sfera, a qualified partner for the planning and management of systems of e-learning and Knowledge Management of the Business and Consumer markets, offers integrated teaching products supported by advanced training and course monitoring tools. In the context of the exhibition, from dedicated computer installations, it is possible to navigate in the personalized training environments which inclide a mix of classroom and on-the-job experience, on-line tutoring and mentoring, virtual classrooms, course accompaniment and verification instruments, forums, chat groups and news groups. The training solutions designed by Sfera are realized thanks to partnerships with world leaders in the remote learning sector and with prestigious training institutes (including Cisco Systems, Englishtown.com, ISTUD, NETg, Poliedra-Politecnico di Milano, SDA Bocconi, Solving, Tesi, UCLA, Zanichelli). Sfera has further broadened its own training activities with the acquisition of the ADS school (Scuola di Addestramento Specialistico) of the Enel Group, recognized at the international level as one of the main centres of excellence in the areas of control, management, realization, management and maintenance of thermo-electric and hydro-electric power plants. The courses presented by Sfera atForum P.A. represent an opportunity to update professional competences in complex organizations, in companies and public administrations and are the result of a collabroation that brings together know-how, experience, methodology and advanced technology in the delivery of innovative remote learnin services. Sfera has an e-learning platfrom (LMS – Learning Management System) which is among the most complete, innovative and accessible infrastructures of terrestrial and satellite networks, which permits the management of training activities in an integrated manner (on-line, off-line, classroom). The platform offers diverse modes of access to contents and services, which can be personalized according to the specific client profile and characterized by a high level of structural flexibility. It represents, therefore, an ideal solution for both limited groups of users and large organizations. The platform permits constant monitoring of the level of satisfaction of course participants, to increase the efficacy of the training activities delivered. Thanks to a high level of interactivity, the platform facilitates the dynamic creation of virtual communities, through the use of extremely advanced instruments for assistance and tutoring. The system supplies as well personalized reporting, in relation to the clients' needs and the role carried out. The service is available in ASP modality through Sfera but can also be configured on client Intranet systems. Sfera's know-how has llowed it to create for the Enel Group the EDLS system (Enel Distance Learning System), through which 50.000 employees connected to the company Intranet have acess to e-learning courses and services through over 1,200 locations across the country. The activities of Sfera are part of the remote learning market (e-learning), at a time in which the development when the perspectives of development are sustained by a growth in interest by important companies and a deeper awareness of the sector, both on the part of the company and the public sector.

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