Rewarding passion in sport, loyalty and the public’s hospitality. With awards for the teams that conduct themsleves best A communication campaign backing the initiative with the slogan: “The heart is still a footballer’s most important muscle”
Rome, March 11, 2003 – The chairman of Enel SpA, Piero Gnudi, and chief executive, Paolo Scaroni, along with the chairman of the National Amateur Football League, Carlo Tavecchio, and the chairman of the Italian Football Federation, Franco Carraro, today announced a collaborative project between the NAFL and Enel which aims to promote the true values of football in the amateur ranks. The amateur leagues reach every corner of the country and count thousands of fans, 10,000 football fields, almost 45,000 teams, over 13,000 clubs and 1.7 million card-carrying members. Chairman Piero Gnudi said: “We chose to sponsor the amateur league because the respect for rules which is at the heart of sport, and in particular when played out of passion, is also fundamental for a great company like Enel which boasts a strong code of ethics and rigorous rules of corporate governance; indispensable in securing and increasing market trust”. Paolo Scaroni underlined two other reasons for Enel’s interest in this important group of associations: “First of all because of the number of people involved, which comes close in scale to the number of Enel’s clients, 30 million in electricity and 1.7 million in gas, and to that of our shareholders, more than 2.5 million, but also because of the kinship between the spirit, enthusiasm and generosity that inspires amateur sports and the qualities which our company needs to compete in an ever more open and competitive energy market”. The chairman of the National Amateur League, Carlo Tavecchio, said: “Thanks must be given to Enel for offering us the possibility of establishing a winning partnership and incorporating the collaboration with the National Amateur League in the light of our reciprocal experience, with the aim of increasing the visibility of the values underlying amateur sport.” The project, which has a two-year duration beginning with the 2003/2004 season, involves all the tables and championships of Serie D, and also women’s and five-a-team football. It includes various regional, provincial and Junior tournaments. A communication campaign in support of the initiative has been launched with the slogan “The heart is still a footballer’s most important muscle”. It will include the display of banners in all clubhouses, offices and playing fields, and all jerseys of the teams involved will bear the LND-Enel logo on the left arm. Each year will see the awarding, by juries made up of sports’ journalists, sporting world figures and entertainment figures, of the “Passion for Sport” prize (to the best athletes for their skill and sportsmanship); the “Sporting Loyalty” prize (to the best teams for their sportsmanship) and the “Hospitality” prize (to the fan base which behaves best towards visiting fans) The teams judged to have conducted themselves in the most correct and sporting manner will be periodically awarded the “11 for conduct” prize. This will take place on the sports field before games and in front of the public. The team which garners the greatest number of these citations will receive the title of national “11 for conduct” champion.

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