Rome, April 7, 2004 – The Board of Directors of Enel, chaired by Piero Gnudi, today supplemented the agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting called on May 21, 2004 (first call) or, if necessary, on May 22, 2004 (second call).
The Meeting will therefore also provide to resolve upon the amendments to the corporate bylaws in accordance with the Italian corporate law reform (so called “Vietti Reform”) and with the new discipline of the “special powers” of the Italian government as stated in the 2004 budget Law (Law no. 350 issued on December 24, 2003).
The Shareholders’ Meeting will furthermore provide to resolve on a delegation to the Board of Directors of the power to increase the share capital by approximately 38.5 million euro in connection with the 2004 stock-option Plan, reserved for executives of the Enel Group and approved by the Board itself on March 29, 2004.
Finally, exercising the delegation granted by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 23, 2003, the Board of Directors resolved today an increase of the share capital for a maximum of approximately 47.6 million euro in connection with the exercise of the options allotted to Enel Group’s executives under the stock-option Plan 2003, having verified that the relevant conditions of exercise have been met.

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