• Satisfaction at results announced by the Authority for Electricity and Gas. The quality of Enel’s electricity service improved by 17% in 2004
  • Power interruptions attributable to Enel fell from 72 minutes per customer in 2003 to 60 minutes in 2004.
  • Last year the company invested more than €1.5 billion in upgrading the network
  • Long-standing gap between the South and the rest of Italy narrows sharply.

Rome, 1 December 2005 – Enel announces its satisfaction for the award of €63 million out of a total of €66 million of incentives distributed by the Authority for Electricity and Gas as a result of the improvement in electricity service continuity.

In 2004 the average total duration of interruptions of service to Enel customers attributable to the company fell to 60 minutes, down from 72 minutes in 2003, a decrease of about 17%. The improvement came thanks to the substantial investment in upgrading the network, which totalled more than €1.5 billion in 2004.

The long-standing gap between the regions of the South and those in the Centre and North narrowed even further. Some southern regions even outperformed the national average: Puglia posted an average of 53 minutes of interruption, Molise about 36 minutes and Basilicata 45 minutes. Others significantly reduced the average total interruption, with Calabria decreasing from 104 minutes in 2003 to 85 minutes last year; Campania from 115 minutes to 92 minutes and Sicily from 119 minutes to 80 minutes.

In the centre of the country, Umbria registered a total average duration of 44 minutes, while the Marche posted 43 minutes. In the North, Trentino Alto Adige halved the average length of total interruptions from 102 minutes in 2003 (attributable to exceptional weather conditions) to 51 minutes. Friuli Venezia Giulia, which started from a very low base of 56 minutes, fell to just 36 minutes, while Lombardy reduced its average total interruption to 30 minutes, half the national average.

In 2005 Enel expects to achieve the objectives set by the Authority in the few areas where they were not attained last year owing to exceptional meteorological events.

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