In our quest to provide our customers with a greater array of choices, this year we offer a broader, more flexible rate plan, with even more exciting offers and savings of up to euro 90 per year, thanks to more intelligent use of electricity

Rome, 26 January 2006 – Large families and singles, residents and non-residents, retirees and students: once again this year Enel won’t disappoint its vast public, offering rates that are more precisely tailored to different consumption patterns, all based on the principles of simplicity, security and savings.

With our 2006 rates Enel customers can save up to euro 90 per year, depending on consumption and the offer selected. In percentage terms, this means cutting up to 8% off of your annual electricity bill. These are significant savings if you consider the fact that the recent increases approved by the Electricity and Gas Authority were on the order of 2.5%.

There are now over 20 million families who, thanks to our electronic metres, can track their electricity consumption by the hour, day and month. They can choose from among the various rate options that reward customers for using electricity more intelligently by shifting consumption to periods when it costs less. All you have to do is pay attention to when you use your major home appliances to achieve savings and, at the same time, help improve the performance of our national power system by reducing consumption during peak usage periods.

Customers can already choose from among the Sera, Weekend and Due rate plans introduced in 2005, which have proven to be enormously successful, with more than 600 thousand subscribers.  
Una + bolletta forfait is also immediately available. It is doubles everything - the consumption bracket (up to 1000 kWh per year, instead of 500), the bonus, which is increased from 50 kWh to 100 kWh free every year, and the number of potentially interested low-consumption customers (retirees, singles, etc.).

As of 1 February, Enel will also offer “Conti Fatti”, the new plan that rewards customers who choose to pay their bills through their bank or post office accounts or through their credits cards. With Conti Fatti, customers can plan their electricity costs, paying a fixed bimonthly amount and also earn savings equal to up to one free week of electricity.

Between May and June, two interesting new offers will be launched: “Ottosette” and “Mari e Monti”. The first combines the advantages of Sera and Weekend into one rate for large families whose highest consumption period is during the evenings and all weekend long. The second, which allows customers to save every weekend of the year and for the entire month of August, is designed for vacation homes.

The offering of customised electricity rates last year marked the start of a real revolution for Enel’s customers. For the first time, even families were able to begin choosing the rates that best reflected their consumption patterns and life-styles.

Once again, technological innovation, brought about in this case by electronic metres, has enabled us to offer a broad range of flexible rates, unique in the world, crafted by paying close attention to our customers’ needs, the guidelines set out by the Electricity and Gas Authority and input from consumer groups.

These benefits supplement the other advantages made possible by the largest investment in Italy’s infrastructure in recent years. Don’t forget that electronic metering also allows customers to monitor their usage more closely and, thanks to remote operation and remote reading, we can perform contractual transactions and read meters without having to send Enel personnel to customers’ homes, causing less inconvenience for our customers, reducing street traffic and generating savings of about 7,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

In order to select the offer that best fits your life-style and consumption habits, just call our toll-free number 800 900 800 (from your cell phone call 199 50 50 55; the cost of this call will depend on your service provider) or go to our website at www.prontoenel.it., or visit our nearest QuiEnel information desk (a list of QuiEnel information desks is available on our www.prontoenel.it website).

You can also be notified of the activation of the new rate plan through an SMS to your cell phone or by email.


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